Friday Inspiration—Flowing with Life

Published: Fri, 01/20/17

Dear ,

There is a natural unfolding of life that is always happening whether or not we’re aware of it. To understand this, let’s do an experiment.

Right now, I’m waving the magic wand that turns off your thinking mind for a few seconds. What do you notice? Without any thinking, things just happen.​​​​​​​
  • You breathe.
  • Words come out of your mouth.
  • You get up and start doing something.
Plenty of life emerges into existence, effortlessly, without your thoughts.

But add in thinking, and what happens? You doubt, compare, question, and judge. Your mind spins in “should I or shouldn’t I.” And your personal desires and expectations—all thoughts—create problems by resisting what is actually happening.

All these thoughts have one thing in common—they’re all about you. You are the star of these storylines—what you want, what you think should happen, what you want others to do, what you’re afraid of. It’s all about “me…me…me.” You filter everything through this veil of “me.”

This is the personal “me,” the illusion of the separate self, and it doesn’t serve our happiness.

It’s amazing to know that another way is possible. Instead of feeding the content of your thoughts, what about stopping and listening? What about receiving life?

I was speaking with a friend the other day who drives herself crazy doubting every decision. And then she told me this: she is fully aware of her core knowing, she just doesn’t trust it.

I love that phrase, core knowing. She knows the truth beyond all thoughts, she sees the possibility of flowing with life, but she travels a rocky road because she takes the inner doubting and judging seriously.

The invitation for all of us is to get our personal selves out of the way and let life be. We graciously receive what we get, no matter what our minds tell. And we make space for that core knowing.

Removing the veil of the personal "me," we consciously realize we are one with life. And we live this in our everyday lives—simple, peaceful, and drama-free. 

Try it. It’s incredibly lovely to flow with life.

Always with love,


PS: I want to let you know that I’m coming to Europe in May. I’ll be in London and southern Spain, and possibly other places. If you’re interested in organizing a gathering or meeting up, please reply to this email and let me know.