Friday Inspiration—You Are Your Magic Wand

Published: Fri, 01/27/17

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."
~Albert Einstein
Dear ,

Are you waiting for the magic wand that will take your suffering away?

Are you waiting for different circumstances to appear or for other people to change so you can be happy?

Waiting only breeds more waiting.

While your attention goes into thoughts about the happiness you wish will arrive at some future time, you’re missing out on the possibility of experiencing it right now.

I don’t necessarily mean the smile-on-your-face happiness, although that is welcome when it happens. It’s the day-to-day ease and contentment that comes when we accept everything deeply—right now.

It’s what we experience when we live in harmony with what life offers us.

So if you’re not going to wait for happiness, what do you do? You take actions—even very small and simple ones—that align you with peace, ease, beauty, and well being.

These are actions that arise out of the one unifying force that underlies all of existence. They are actions that reflect gratitude, wisdom, peace, and love. Consider these possibilities:

* Be very aware of the content of your thoughts. If you find that they are negative, diminishing, or turning against peace and happiness, then don’t give them one more millisecond of your attention.

* Give out what you think you need for yourself. Do something kind, and maybe surprising, for a stranger or someone you know.

* Show up in situations with your heart open, putting aside fear and drama.

* Don’t take things for granted. Go to a café or stand on a busy street corner—or sit in your own living room—and be amazed by the tenderness of this human life and how it is expressed. 

As a friend of mine put it recently, the simple things in life are “utterly breathtaking.”

Here is the truth: suffering is optional. Make that truth a reality in your precious moment at a time. And remember this: the magic is in the moment. What wise and kind actions are you going to take?

So much love…


This is another beautiful image from Diane Buccheri. Thank you, Diane!