Friday Inspiration—Getting Back on Track

Published: Fri, 03/03/17

Dear ,

Every day I speak with clients who tell me how they get off track. They feel disappointed when their expectations aren’t met, experience the frustrations of daily life, express irritation with others, or sulk when things don’t go their way.
There are so many ways, large and small, that we get caught in the stories that run through our minds. And we end up acting in ways that bring suffering to ourselves and others.

When we’re triggered, the machine of compulsive, unconscious behavior takes over. Yes, we’re acting and speaking, but we’re not actually aware of what we’re doing.

We’re looking through the lens of thought, disconnected from unveiled presence and the truth of the moment.

We become like robots, lost in the forest without our humanness, our compassion, our sensitivity, and our capacity to be aware.

Getting back on track means that we come alive to what’s happening—right now. We make the sacred return, where our attention falls away from thoughts and feelings and opens here into awakened awareness. 

How to get back on track? These essential questions take you out of conditioned reactions and into the sanity of your in-the-moment experience. Ask yourself:
  • What is important to me in this moment?
  • What do I value and how do I want to express this value?
A client came in humbled by the power of these questions. She told me that in the past week she posed them every time she felt irritated and discovered that they brought her back on track where she wanted to be.

She saw that her contracted personal needs and reactions were not what she really wanted for those moments, and she reconnected with a generous heart, a relaxed mind, and the true desire for everyone's happiness.

Then she had the insight that these questions apply to virtually any moment, no matter what the situation. She couldn’t contain her excitement about the possibility for her whole life experience to be affected in such a profound way—infused with truth.

When you ask these questions, you take the blinders off and see things clearly. You’re present, aware, and fully alive.

So when you’re triggered and things feel challenging, what is important to you? What do you value? How do you want to express this value?

Come out of the fog of conditioned habits and home to yourself. Here you live deeply, fully, and in alignment with the deepest truth.

Love to you…