Friday Inspiration—Befriending Fear

Published: Fri, 03/17/17

​​​​​​​“It’s only fear, it’s only fear that keeps you locked in here.”
Songwriter Alexi Murdoch
Dear ,

If you’re a human being, chances are you experience fear.
These bodies we live in are built for survival, and fear is the gatekeeper. It protects us and keeps us safe by being on guard for any danger coming our way. Fear breeds caution, vigilance, and suspicion.

Which is fine if a hungry lion is chasing you. But if your intention is to align with infinite possibility and live from love, then fear deserves your attention.

Simply said, running from fear doesn’t work. If we avoid turning to face it, it will nip at our heels forever.

What does this mean? We live a fear-led life, choosing partners, jobs, and friends out of fear. Habits and addictions run wild because we’re afraid of meeting our feelings.

We feel fragmented and separate—and disconnected from the simple ease in life we somehow know is possible.

Rather than running from fear, the invitation is to make fear your friend.

Befriending fear is like the martial art of aikido. The philosophy behind aikido is to join with the motion of your attacker rather than opposing him head-on. You’re in harmony with what’s happening rather than fighting it, even caring about the well-being of the one attacking you.

We already know how to reject fear head-on, but how to be in harmony with the motion of it?
  • Turn toward fear, take a deep breath, and open to it with curiosity and a loving heart.
  • Get to know how it spins thoughts that deflate you and the things you’re enthusiastic about—and connect with what you really want.
  • Feel the sensations and energy in your body, simply being with what is.
Fear can be the voice of reason and caution and may serve you well at times. But unexamined fear keeps you locked into the diminished world of “no” and “can’t.”

The medicine is to befriend fear—every time it appears. Welcome it and love it, and it will lose its power. Then look beyond fear.

Be in harmony with the creative life force (so alive!) waiting for the space to move you.

Always in love,