Friday Inspiration—Slow It Down

Published: Fri, 02/17/17

“When we slow down, quiet the mind, and allow ourselves to feel hungry for something that we do not understand, we are dipping into the abundant well of spiritual longing.”
~Elizabeth Lesser
Dear ,

I’ve been running into some people recently who realize that they’re moving way too fast.

Their thoughts run quickly, they’re actions are a bit frantic, and they realize that they’re missing out on being present in their lives.
How does it serve to move quickly?
  • You avoid feeling anxiety or other underlying feelings,
  • You avoid the discomfort of not knowing,
  • You’re unable to be a listening presence for others so you avoid intimacy,
  • You reinforce the fear of your innermost feelings and energies, losing connection with them—and yourself.
If your mind rules your experience, you’ll be skating on the surface of what’s happening and ungrounded into your full potential.

Consciously slowing down is an option that is always at your fingertips. Do you really need to hurry through, blindly skipping to the next thing?

Instead take deep, conscious breaths rather than following your mind. Slow the pace of your speech and perhaps say less. Find the moments of rest between words and thoughts.

When you slow down, you open to the possibility of living fully. You get to actually feel what’s happening in your body—all the tensions and vibrations that are expressions of your humanity.

And you open to the space in-between, where the treasures of unbounded awareness lie—beyond your personal mind and identity.

Slowing down invites you into embodied awakening. You know the timeless space of universal presence, and you fully embrace your living, breathing, juicy humanity—which is where we meet, in that shared place of our humanness.

Not avoiding anything, you feel the depths of what is here, right into the very core of your belly, and meet it all with unbridled kindness and your eyes wide open. It's a soulful experience to slow it down and be so deeply connected with yourself. 

Life in this moment is so incredibly rich, no matter what is showing up. But you’ll only know that by slowing down. Can you meet all of what’s here with wonder, wisdom, fearlessness, and heart?

Love to you…


Image courtesy of Diane Buccheri