URGENT ALERT: Patriots are being set up -- PLZ FWD

Published: Fri, 07/26/13

Hey ,
Real quick... I wanted to relay this report to you. 
Patriots are being targeted by an unknown group through email.
They are sending attachments of illegal and obscene photos in an attempt to infect the targets computer with the content.
So far associates of WeAreChange and Oathkeepers have been recipients of this smear campaign and the FBI Cyber Crimes Division is investigating.
Details in the YouTube video linked here: 
Please forward this email to your contacts so others can be made aware.
Forever Vigilant,
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Beware Anomalous E-mail Attachments: It May Be a Setup #N3
BROOKLYN, New York -- While covering the Bilderberg Conference in Watford England in early July, Luke Rudowski of the independent investigative journalism group WeAreChange received an email from someone identifying himself as an anonymous whistleblower. 

The email, which arrived by way of a personal email account Rudowski hasn't used since high school, supposedly contained photographs from inside a confidential Bilderberg meeting.

Through a preview feature on Yahoo mail, Rudowski was able to determine that the attachment contained graphic child pornography that would have been revealed if his laptop had been searched upon returning to the United States -- something that has happened to him before. 

This would have resulted in felony charges that would have destroyed Rudowski's reputation and his livelihood -- and, conceivably, his life.


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