Geeks on Tour Newsletter: FMCA Seminars, Blogger Video, New tutorials

Published: Thu, 07/12/07

Geeks On Tour Newsletter                                            July 12, 2007


Seminars at FMCA

The Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA) is having it's International Convention in Redmond, Oregon on August 13-16. Geeks on Tour will be presenting 5 different seminars. The following Dates and Times have just been confirmed.  Also, all our upcoming seminar dates appear on the home page of our website

Mon 08/13 10 am - 11:15 Seminar 8 High Speed Internet for Rvers
Mon 08/13 11:45 - 1pm Seminar 8 Every RVer Needs a Blog
Tue 08/14 3pm - 4:15 Seminar 4 Safe Computing
Wed 08/15 1:30 - 2:45 Seminar 7 Google Earth
Wed 08/15 11:30 - 12:45 Seminar 7 Picasa
Thu 08/16 8am - 9:15 Seminar 4 High Speed Internet for Rvers

We hope to see you there! Check out the reviews we received from the last convention.

Adding Video to your Blog

When Google bought YouTube, you knew there was going to be major improvements in the ability to add video to blogs made on Blogger, because Blogger is also owned by Google. Well, it didn't take them long! Take a look at our blog post for July 4. You will see the video included has the B for Blogger trademark in the lower right corner. It was as easy to upload this video as it is to add a picture to my blog!

Video upload dialogFirst, you must get to your blog with the web address of That's it! Just use the 'Draft' version of blogger, and you will see a new button in your toolbar:Blogger's new Upload Video tool

Just click on this and it works like uploading a photo. Browse to the video on your computer you want to upload. Give it a title and agree to the upload terms. After you click the Upload Video button, it will take a while, be patient. When you publish your blog, the video will be embedded.

New video tutorials

Geeks on Tour Video MenuIf you go to and look at the menu bar at the left, you'll see that we've divided our tutorial videos into groups: Blogger, Picasa, Essential Skills, and More. I've been working hard at getting this organized so that I can make lots more videos for you. I've recently uploaded 4 more videos to the blogger page: 'More Pictures', 'Adding Links', 'Changing your template', and 'Changing settings'. If you bought the Blogger Tutorial CD, you've had these titles all along, but now they're available online. Check it out, they're very short and easy to follow, all you need on your computer is the Flash player and most computers have that already. If you have any problems, please email us!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading, . Your next issue will be in a couple weeks.

Chris Guld