June 2013 Newsletter: Technology-Passenger Seat, DropBox-Smartphone Photos, Live Writer, New Videos, FMCA Rally

Published: Mon, 07/01/13

Monthly Issue # 68 June 30, 2013                                                    www.geeksontour.tv
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June - Black Hills and Rallies
We started off June at the Fulltimers rally in Sturgis, SD, then continued on to the Elks rally.  We took one afternoon to join the group in a train ride thru the Black Hills.  See the video we made, using Movie Maker. 

You gotta take a look at the pictures on our monthly photo Album. It's been quite a month. Seeing Mt. Rushmore at night with the lights was a real treat.
Family Motor Coach Association
RVSEF Conference

FMCA is the Family MotorCoach Association.  We've been giving seminars at their rallies since 2005.  We plan our travels around the national rallies, which is why we're in Wyoming this summer. That means next year, we'll be in Georgia in March, and Redmond, OR in August.  

Attending a big RV rally is a unique experience.  Don't expect wilderness camping!

Calendar: Coming up in July/August

For more details, see our website Calendar.  

Q&A Forum
Use Live Writer to Create your Blogger Blog Posts

To use Blogger, you must be online.  Every time we teach this class, someone asks, "Can I create the blog post when I'm offline?"  No.  Blogger is a web-based system.  However, there is this nifty little free program called  Microsoft Live Writer that works with Blogger. It allows you to create posts offline and simply upload them the next time you have a connection. Even when you are online, you may find you prefer to use Live Writer because of it's many features.

Use Live Writer to Create your Blogger Blog Posts
TechnoRV LEDs
There's more to technology than computers and smartphones!  All the rage in lighting these days is LED lighting.  Brighter, less heat, more efficient, these lights are perfect for RVs. But, they're also a bit pricey, the more you understand about them, the better choices you will make.  Our friends at TechnoRV have written a Buyer's Guide to RV LED Lighting. Check it out by following this link: TechnoRV Buyer's Guide.  
Technology in the Passenger Seat

It's one of my guilty pleasures to be a passenger in our RV and simply enjoy the ride while my husband does the driving.  This is a time when I have permission to *not* work.  I enjoy watching the scenery and daydreaming about oh so many things.  When we're driving down the road in our self-contained cocoon-home, the outside world disappears. No stress. No worries. Just us and the rhythm of the road.

then comes incessant march of technology ...

Technology in the Passenger Seat

Do you and your RV make magic together?  Chuck Woodbury writes about the magic he feels with his RV in this weeks' issue.  There's always something of interest in the RVtravel Newsletter. Read about that and more RV news in the current issue of RVTravel.

Using Dropbox to get Pictures from your Smartphone

If you're like us, you find yourself taking more and more pictures with your smartphone instead of your normal camera.  That really messes up our procedures of getting the pictures from the camera to the computer and organizing them there.  How do we get the pictures from the smartphone to the computer?

We think DropBox offers the best way.  "Best" to us means easiest.  It's almost magic!

Using Dropbox to get Pictures from your Smartphone
For Members: New Tutorial Videos
Never Ending Learning!  Keep on learning new things on your computer and smartphones!  It's easy, just sit back and watch.  These are for members only.  If you're not a member, join today!
Geeks on Tour Tutorial Videos

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