UPDATE FROM PASTOR EDDIE - Friday, January 17, 2014

Published: Fri, 01/17/14

Grace House Update from Pastor Eddie
The Discerning of Spirits
Is this God or Not?

A new series will begin at Grace House, Sunday, January 5th, 2014. Our worship service will begin at our new time of 9:30 a.m. If you are hungry to more deeply understand how the spirit realm operates, please come and bring a friend.


Understanding the Spirit Realm
Taught by Pastor Eddie Lawrence

Sunday, January 5th
Session 1 - Our Angelic Allies - Who are angels? What do they do? How do we know when they are near? How should believers relate to angels? Plus angel stories....

Sunday, January 12th
Session 2 - Our Demonic Adversaries - Who are demons? What do they do? How do they influence people? How do you cast out a demon? Plus demon stories....

Sunday, January 19th
Session 3 - The Discerning of Spirits - What is the discerning of spirits? Why is it important? Why is there such confusion about the spiritual realm? How can discernment help you? Plus true stories of this gift operating....

Sunday, January 26th
Session 4 - Operating in the Spirit Realm - Can a person access the spiritual realm? How do you increase in your ability to operate in the realm of the Spirit? 

We have flyers available in the Commons area that you can hand out to your friends and we also are airing some minutes on WFIX to inform people about this new series.

These sermons can also be obtained in CD form through our media ministry or listened to and/or downloaded online on sermon page.

Thank you for supporting the ministries of Grace House
Your 2013 end of year contribution statements are ready and will be available in the commons area this coming Sunday morning. Thanks for your gifts and thanks to Sandra Harper and those who assist her in the wonderful job they do with our financial record keeping.
Have You Been Baptized?
Baptisms after service next Sunday, Jan. 26th
Let us know if you want to be baptized. We would love the joy of celebrating with you as you enter the waters of baptism and rejoice in Jesus' death, burial and resurrection.
Sunday Evening - January 26th at 6:00 p.m.
We have post cards available for you to mail to your family and friends who need prayer for healing. Please be in prayer about this special service. May the power of the Lord be present to heal!
Our New Wednesday Night Format
Start Time is 6:30 p.m.

~ Spirit-Life Service for Adults

~ Couples in Christ Life Group

~ Student Ministry for 8th -12th Graders

~ Rooted (Student Ministry for 5th -7th Graders)

~ Children's Ministry for 1st - 4th Graders

~ Nursery and Preschool - K Ministry

Our Adults Enjoy a Spirit-Life Service Each Wednesday Night.
Weird Animals - Where God's Love is One of a Kind
New Wednesday Children's Program
Beginning Weds., January 8th
This is a great time to get connected....
We are so grateful for the togetherness that our life groups are enjoying. 

Our Life Groups Ministry is touching  lives. I rejoice to hear about how our groups are praying for one another, ministering the Word to one another, going places together, building deep relationships. This is an important part of the family life of belonging to a local congregation.

 If you have questions about being in a group or leading a group, just get with Hillard and Charlotte Matthews who lead our Life Groups ministry.

You are now able to view all the options on our  new Life Groups website at LIFEGROUPS.INFO Please check it out!
Sunday, Feb. 2nd
I LOVE TO TELL THE STORY is being released in a few weeks. This is the book that chronicles the journey of Jim and Anne Bevis' life and ministry. We are in a for a wonderful enriching time together on the first Sunday in February. You will be amazed at the stories, testimonies and life lessons that you will hear. I am excited and looking forward to interviewing Jim and Anne. From standing in the Concentration Camp at Dauchau to the Taja Mahal in India to Africa and beyond this couple has traveled. Did you know Jim has smuggled Bibles into China and ministered in Siberia? Among many other adventures, he has received death threats as a minister, almost drowned in the China sea, and thrown off a train at the Hungarian border. As a minister, he shares about two periods of burnout and the trials that ensued as a result. .And on a more humorous note, Jim has been "French Fried" in Clearwater Beach, shot by a pork chop (you read that right), and somehow ended up with garlic bread for communion on one occasion. Did you know Anne once sang on the Ed Sullivan show and Jim was put on "trial" in college for his beliefs? These are just a few of the highlights of their story.

After the service you will have the opportunity to obtain a copy of Jim's new book and have them sign it for you.

I know that this special service will be a time of great encouragement to all who come and you will leave with a deeper appreciation for Jim and Anne and others who have served as forerunners in the Kingdom. Please plan to come and be in prayer for this service scheduled for the first Sunday in February.
SUNDAY - FEB. 9, 16, AND 23
Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice," So there you have it. Jesus clearly taught that his followers have the ability to hear his voice. How does God speak to us? I am excited to teach on hearing God's voice. We will learn together several different ways God speaks to us. Topics like the Bible, the Spirit, spiritual gifts, dreams and visions and more will be a part of what we explore God's together in this important and life-changing subject. Knowing what God has already spoken and the ways He continues to speak is instrumental to our growth in Christ and being able to discern God's will and direction for us in times of decision. You will hear powerful stories of how a word from God changed the entire direction of one man's life and his entire family, how a dream rescued someone from certain death, how a prompting of the Holy Spirit enabled a woman to receive a miracle she had prayed for over 40 years, and many other such testimonies. This is the series that will help you to be better equipped to hear the voice of God. Please make preparations to be with us during this fascinating study. 
Remember our new start time for our Sunday morning worship service is:
We will have breakfast at our breakfast bar around 9:00 a.m. Thanks to all of you who serve as our greeters and who prepare things on Sunday morning for our breakfast. And....thank you all for being part of our Grace House family.
Share Your Story with Us!
We invite you to share with us any testimonies or stories of how God is working in your life. These will be used in different ways such as posting them here in my weekly update or sharing them in a Sunday service, Please state as briefly as you can but with enough information to help people understand just what the Lord has done for you. Send your story or testimony to Mikki and me at a new email address we have created just for these testimonies which is [email protected] .  We will be blessed and others will too! Be sure to include your name.
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