Great Shift Blog #18 On Evaluating Information About Multidimensional Reality

Published: Wed, 06/15/16

Great Shift Blog #18
On Evaluating Information About Multidimensional Reality

June 15, 2016

Dear Fellow Travelers,

In my ebook Preparing Ourselves for the Great Shift I present the approaches and criteria that I have developed as a scientist to evaluate information about multidimensional reality in five locations (chapters 2, 3, and 4 and Appendices A and C1). Each chapter had a somewhat different focus as I strayed farther from my starting frame of reference as a geologist. I recently realized that I have never integrated the approaches and criteria into a single presentation. Here they are, in summary.  You can find more detailed explanation in the indicated locations. This Blog serves as a complement to GS Blog #13 On Keeping a Felxible Frame of Reference.

A Geologist's Approach to Understanding Multidimensional Reality (Section 2.3).

--I recognize that the map (my understanding of multidimensional reality at any given time) is not the territory (Section 2.3.2).
--I accept that there are inherent limitations to relying on third-dimensional scientific methods to understand multidimensional reality. This requires additional criteria for evaluating sources of information that lie outside a conventional scientific framework.
--I apply seven primary and seven secondary criteria for evaluating reliability of human-derived information (see #1 below).
--I consider additional factors that may influence the reliability of information from human sources (see #2 below)
--I apply additional criteria for evaluating reliability of channeled information (see #3 below).
--I use multiple lines of evidence to construct an every-evolving map of the territory. The more independent lines of evidence that support a feature of the map, the more confidence I have in that feature, but no feature is delineated with complete certainty (Section 2.3.4).

1. Primary and Secondary Criteria for Evaluating the Reliability Information from Human Sources (Section 2.3.3, with expanded explanation in Appendx A). Not all of these criteria need to be met, but the more that do, the higher my confidence in the information.

Primary Criteria:

--Controlled experimental evidence
--Authenticity and integrity
--Direct empirical observation (using high sense perception)
--Not derived from other sources
--Consistency with other reliable sources
--Internal consistency

Secondary Criteria:

--Openness to change
--Respect for other views
--Respected by other reliable sources
--Sense of humor
--Academic credentials
--Anecdotal evidence
--None of the above

2. Additional Factors that May Influence the Reliability of Information from Human Sources (Sections 3.1 and 3.2). In developing a scientific framework for understanding  information arising from the study of paranormal phenomena (where measurable effects are often subtle and often contradictory), frontier science, and empirical observation using high sense perception, I realized that were a number of factors that may influence observations and results that are not considered by mainstream scientists. Major ones that may influence scientific studies based on experimental and historical data include:

--The experimenter expectation effect whereby the beliefs of the investigator may effect the experimental results (Section 3.1.2).
--The Velikovsky effect, an expression I coined to describe the phenomenon by which someone (often brilliant) becomes fixated on an unorthodox grand idea (which may have a kernal of truth), and information is filtered selectively to support the idea (Section 3.1.3 an Section A4.2).

With respect information and empirical observations that comes from individuals with high sense perception (HSP--especially clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience) I have observed in myself and others several major ways in which information may be filtered:

--Frame-of-reference filtration happens when information is presented in language that fits the observer's or channel's frame of reference (Section 3.2.2).  From my perspective this is not problematic if this is recognized, but may become problematic if the person or recipient of the information takes it as confirmation of their frame of reference.
--Ego filtration is a process by which the human ego intercepts information that is being perceived/received by HSP and modifies it in a way that serves the ego. I learned about this through direct experience of it early in my own journey of awakening (Section 3.2.3).   

3. Additional Criteria for Evaluating Channeled Information. (Section 4.1.4; see also Section 4.1.5, Warming Flags and Applying the Criteria).  My confidence in information from Higher Dimensional Beings (HDBs) increases when:

--It asks us to accept only what rings true
--It acknowledges the limitations of human language
--It acknowledges that the message may be affected by the human channel's frame of reference
--It offers a fresh, nonhuman perspective on something I know about, information that is new, or doesn't fit the frame of reference of the channeler or person asking a question
--It acknowledges that other HDBs may see things differently (i.e. acknowledges that the information presented comes from its frame of reference)
--It acknowledges limitations to its own knowledge
--It respects the free will of humans
--It has a sense of humor (not included in my original text)

Other Considerations: Energetic Aspects of the Game of Duality Section C1.1). I'd like to close by quoting text that is buried in the last appendix, and which feels especially relevant during the craziness that continues to surface in the physical plane at this stage of the Shift:

The energy of our thoughts, words and actions has a profound affect on our individual spiritual development but also interacts to varying degrees with the energy of the thoughts, words and actions of everyone else on the planet.  In my own spiritual awakening process, when I accepted that my thoughts and words had energetic consequences, I became both more aware of the positive and negative energies associated with my own thoughts and of the energies associated with the words I hear and read.  With a greater awareness of my own thoughts, I have learned to consciously focus them to enhance their positive energy and to simply acknowledge and release thoughts with negative energy.  
We are also affected by the energy of the thoughts, words and actions of others, especially those we interact with and those we focus our attention on via the media and the written word.  One's emotional response is an imperfect way to discern whether the energies we are receiving from others is positive or negative.  We may react negatively to sincere loving words that we don't feel we deserve, and positively to manipulative words that encourage us to feel superior to or better than someone else.  Nevertheless, awareness of one's emotional response to information is a valuable technique for discerning whether we are allowing positive or negative energies to impinge upon our personal energy fields.  

In the meantime friends, stay grounded.  The Shift is happening. Hang in there.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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