Great Shift Blogs # 19-21

Published: Sun, 07/17/16

Great Shift Blogs #19-21
July 17, 2016

Dear fellow travelers,

Since I started posting more frequent timelines on my Great Shift Facebook Page I've learned that even though I've set the postings to be viewed publicly they cannot be viewed by some folks who are not FB members.  Consequently, I am including here the three Blogs since my last blog mailing and will continue to compile blogs in a monthly mailing.  The following blogs are include here (I've included the FB links where some comments have been made):

Blog #19: On Timelines and Consensual Realities: FB Link1
Blog #20: On the Game of Duality As It Is Played on Earth, 2016: FB Link2
Blog #21: On Making the Shift in Our Physical Bodies: FB Link3

In the meantime, friends, the shift is happening. Hang in there. stay grounded.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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June 23, 2016

In Great Shift Blog #17 (On Personal and Collective Timelines) I noted that self-aware folks who are able function in multiple consensual realities are serving an important role in keeping humanity's collective timeline from fragmenting and perhaps even splitting into multiple timelines. Since writing that at the end of May I’ve come to realize that there are varieties of collective timelines, based on the number of souls who are engaged in creating the timelines. There are four varieties that seem to me to be especially relevant to what’s happening on Earth now:

--Soul Family Timelines. Our personal timelines are most intimately connected with the collective timeline that is created by those we are closest to.  It is our soul family that we have interacted with over multiple timelines, and most often (but not necessarily) includes our biological family, and others (such as bosses or co-workers in work situations) who present us with joys and challenges in our individual soul journeys.

-- Consensual Reality Timelines.  These are timelines created by relatively large groups of souls within consensual realities. These timelines reflect where and how the group focuses its attention. In Great Shift Blog #11 (On Coexisting and Overlapping Consensual Realities) I broadly identify major ones that I am aware of, and function within, to varying degrees. Within each of these broader consensual realities there is a great diversity.

--Parallel and Other Dimensional Historic Timelines. Human history has played out over many parallel and other dimensional timelines/consensual realities. As aspect of what is happening with the Great Shift is a convergence/intersection between these many historic consensual realities.  It is the best way I can understand the many different versions of Lemuria/Mu, Atlantis, Inner Earth, and Extraterrestrial influences on prehistoric and historic civilizations. 

--Humanity’s Collective Timeline.  This is the magnificent timeline that is being created by the eventual harmonious melding of the many evolving overlapping and intersecting consensual realities, and new ones we haven’t imagined yet.  As with self-aware folks who are able to function in different consensual realities, souls who have participated in multiple historic timelines are making it possible for them to converge at this time.

Potential Timeline Splits. The more clearly a group of souls envisions the future they would like to co-create, the greater the potential for a timeline split.  As I noted in the Blog mentioned at the beginning of this post I’m observing relatively small groups of souls within the Ascension-focused consensual reality where this is a potential, though overall within this group I see an openness and flexibility to what will unfold through humanity’s collective process.  One of my favorite Kryon quotes is: “Dear Human Being, we cannot give you the future, for you are laying the track (Kryon VII, 2000:136).

On the other hand, I’m observing that a sizable number of souls and ETs within the ET-Secret-Shadow-Government-Disclosure-focused consensual reality seem to be developing quite concrete expectations about the near-future.  These expectations tend to focus on plans to dramatically change political, economic and other human institutions, changes that will be implemented by an “event,” possibly also associated with a dramatic solar event.  From my perspective, the good news is that there is enough diversity of perspectives within this consensual reality that a critical mass of souls focused on a particular outcome that might trigger a timeline split will not be readily achieved.  The not-so-good news, from my perspective, is that I sense a growing impatience within this consensual reality for something dramatic to happen and that creates a real potential exists for a timeline split.

From the vantage point of divine neutrality, there is nothing “wrong” with a timeline split, but there are consequences, or as Ra in the Law of One material (channeled through Carla McCarty in 1981) said about human experience “There are no mistakes, but there may be surprises”). The main consequence I see of a timeline split would be a diminishment of Humanity’s collective timeline by the loss of the valuable perspectives that folks within the ET-SSG-Disclosure consensual reality bring to our collective process.
The most positive things I’ve seen recently is the number of folks who have and are choosing, or being guided, to function within both the Ascension-focused and  the ET-SSG-Disclosure-focused consensual realities.  I honor those who have answered this call, who are able to consciously engage with open hearts information that can easily trigger fear or anger. It is a beautiful kind of service to help keep Humanity’s collective timeline from fragmenting.

June 24, 2016

In Great Shift Blog #14 (On the Game of Duality, the Dance of Polarity and Unity Consciousness) I suggest that a profound shift takes place in the spiritual journeys of positively- and negatively-polarized souls (yes, the path of negative polarization is a spiritual journey and a challenging one at that) in the shift from fourth to fifth density.  I describe it as the shift from the game of duality to the dance of polarity.

As the game of duality heats up in the physical plane at this stage of the Great Shift, I’d like to offer my perspective on the game of duality as it is playing out in 2016. This blog is prompted by the sense that I shared in Great Shift Blog #19 (above) that the emphasis I’ve seen within the ET-Secret-Shadow- Government-Disclosure-focused consensual reality on a pending Event, possibly associated with a catastrophic solar event, is creating the potential for a timeline split of hundreds of thousands (millions?) of souls from humanity’s collective timeline in which I see the large majority of Earth’s 7 billion incarnated souls making a collective shift to the fourth dimension.

My reading of the current planetary energies is that it will take tens of years for the initial phase of the Great Shift to be completed.  There is a simple measure that will mark the end of the initial phase of the Shift:  when we humans stop killing each other (i.e., the occurrence of homicides and deaths from wars drops to zero).  It will be wonderful if it happens sooner than that.  Nevertheless I would like to suggest that holding the possibility that it will take tens of years rather than expecting something dramatic to happen in months or years makes it easier to address issues in our lives that arise day-to-day.  At least that’s my experience.

This blog is a departure my usual approach, which is to offer my own evolving understanding of the nature of multidimensional and of what is happening with the Great Shift on Earth in the hope that those who read may find something that is helpful on their own spiritual journeys. Here I would like to speak specifically to folks whose spiritual journeys involve being part of the Ascension-focused and/or the ET-Secret-Shadow-Government-Disclosure-focused consensual realities. I see both consensual realities as at the cutting edge of co-creating the New Earth.  I realize that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, yet if you are reading this perhaps there is a reason. 

The biggest challenge in engaging the game of duality at this stage of the Shift is keeping an open heart when addressing the shenanigans of what I like to call the EFITLO (Earth Friends in the Loyal Opposition).  I’ll be surprised if the terms catches on, but I find it has a more neutral energy than the names, such as Cabal, Illuminati and Dark Ones, that I see mostly used by folks whose missions are to bring these activities into the open.  The language of duality, good and evil, right and wrong, lends itself to triggering the emotions of anger, outrage, fear, helplessness which give energy to that which we positively-polarized souls would not wish to give when our hearts are open.  Easier said than done sometimes, yet keeping our hearts open is perhaps the most important work we can engage in at this time.

At the end of this blog I have listed 20 individuals and organizations that I see as having made significant contributions to the ET-Secret-Shadow-Government-focused consensual reality, and who have helped me broaden my understanding of the game of duality as it is being played out on Earth at this time.  These are all positively polarized souls, and with gratitude and appreciation I honor them for their work in support of the Great Shift.  If you are reading this and are familiar with any listed below, I encourage you to check out other perspectives that you are not familiar with.  If you are reading this and this is unfamiliar territory in your spiritual journey, trust your inner knowing as to whether or how to engage this information.  


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July 8, 2016​​​​​​​

An unusual aspect of the dimensional shift that is underway for Mother Earth and humanity is that most humans alive today have the opportunity to make the shift while in our physical bodies. Many higher dimensional sources talk about our bodies becoming more “crystalline.”  I’ve seen quite a few folks interpret this as meaning we are shifting from carbon-based to silicon-based bodies. Based on my understanding of geochemistry and biochemistry this seem very unlikely to me. So what might it mean to become more “crystalline”?

First, a few observations about silicon-based chemistry:

—The mineral kingdom is silicon-based and has gone through an evolutionary process on earth just as carbon-based life has.
—When the earth first began forming more than 4.5 billion years ago there were only about 60 rock forming minerals present.
—During the period of crust and mantle formation and reworking from 2.5 to 4.5 billion years ago, the number of minerals “evolved” to about 1500 species.
—From around 2.5 billion years ago to the present, the era of “bio-mediated mineralogy”, the number of mineral species more than tripled (Hazen et al, 2010). Without carbon-based life the number of minerals would be much fewer.
—As of January, 2016, there were more than 5,000 recognized mineral species and new minerals are identified at the rate of 50-60 each year:
—Silicon has long been discussed as the basis for an alternative biochemical system because it has many chemical properties similar to that of carbon.  However, as the Wiki article explains, silicon has a number of drawbacks that keep silicon-based life forms as hypothetical at this time:

Also, a few observations on carbon-based chemistry:

—The most recent estimate of biodiversity of life on Earth is on the order of a trillion species: .
—Earth is a living library of life forms from all over the galaxy and we humans will serves as the librarians after the Shift is completed to allow extraterrestrial civilizations access to life forms that they need for their own planets. (Boulding, 2008, Section 8.2.5).
—Silicon is minor but important component of the human body for healthy bone cartilage, organ and connective tissue.

So what might it mean to become more crystalline in our physical bodies?  My sense is that our physical bodies will remain carbon-based when the collective shift to fourth density is completed.  I have seen some information that suggests that silicon may take on new or different biogeochemical roles in our bodies, such as in the pineal gland, but will remain a trace element. My sense is that becoming “more crystalline” is more energetic than physical. For example, years ago I received a “crystal body activation.”  My own experience of that was that I didn’t notice any particular sense of physical change.  Looking back on it now, I see that it did enhance my ability to tune in energetically to rocks and crystals as part of my Earth Healing work.  I find it interesting that the recent June Solstice involved diamond “light code” and “ray” activations.  Diamonds are the crystalline form of carbon, so it makes sense to me that energetically our bodies are becoming more diamond-like.   

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