Great Shift Blog #14 On the Game of Duality, the Dance of Polarity and Unity Consciousness

Published: Mon, 02/15/16

Great Shift Blog #14
On The Game of Duality, the the Dance of Polarity and Unity Consciousness

February 15, 2016

Dear Fellow Travelers,

In the new energies my understanding of the longer arc of the dimensional shift that is underway for the humanity and Mother Earth has become more fluid because information I am seeing from a variety of sources doesn't fit readily into a coherent framework, except agreeing that a shift is happening. In this Blog I'd like to reiterate some things I've already shared about my understanding of how the Shift is proceeding, that still feel valid to me at this stage of our collective journey, and also some new insights that have come to me related to the game of duality, polarity, and their relationship to unity consciousness.

Stages of the Shift. Here is what I see happening during the stage of the Shift that we are in right now, and how it might go further into the future (dimensional references are to the 7D frame of reference presented in my Great Shift ebook, which still feel useful to me at point in time):
  • Humans are experiencing an intermingling of third, fourth and fifth dimensional energies. Depending of where folks are at this time in their own life-journeys they may find themselves centered in one of these energetic "levels" or switching back and forth between one or another. 
  • Humanity collectively is making a shift from third to fourth dimensional experience.
  • Those who have incarnated to specifically help humanity make the Shift have the opportunity to make a shift to fifth density (or higher; density = an individual vibrational level; dimension = a collectively experienced vibrational level).
  • Once the collective shift to 4D is completed, there will be a continuing focus on healing the harm we have done to each other and Mother Earth during our sojourns on 3D Earth. There will also be opportunities to join star fleets and go off-planet.
  • When the healing is completed there may be a collective shift to 5D, though by that time the frame of reference I'm presenting here may no longer be relevant.
The Game of Duality. The game of duality is alive and well at this stage of the journey. This game is but one aspect of the spiritual journey that takes place when an individuated soul follows the path of polarization and enters into the "doing" aspect of All That Is and Does. Again in the 7D framework, the spiritual journey of polarization involves four "levels" (this description builds upon information in the Ra Material channeled by Carla Rueckert in the early 1980's):
  • Mixed polarity 3D planets like Earth (they are relatively uncommon) provide souls that are uncertain of their polarization to decide which polarization path to pursue (positive or negative), and souls that have chosen their orientation to develop their "skills" more rapidly compared to incarnating on a positively or negatively polarized planet.  Here the game of duality is played in it's most intense form. Good and evil exist in the context of the game.
  • Earth is shifting to become a positively-polarized 4D planet. I haven't seen information on this from any other source, but my sense is that since the timeline shift in the late 1980's it has not been possible for negatively polarized souls to incarnate, so they are gradually dying out. Yet even when the shift to 4D is completed, Earth being a free-will planet means that 5D and 6D negatively polarized energies may be able to exert subtle influences.  This means that the need for spiritual discernment will not end once the shift to 4D is completed.
  • The game of duality continues in 4D. When Earth becomes a positively polarized planet the experience of the game of duality will shift to an interplanetary, interstellar and perhaps even intergalactic level. For those who are drawn to play the game at this level, 4D Earth souls will be in great demand as veterans of the game as it has been played on Earth for the last 10,000 or so years.
  • The spiritual path of polarization (both positive and negative) makes a major shift when a soul reaches fifth density.  Rather than a game, the journey might better be characterized as a dance of polarity. The ideas of good and evil are simply irrelevant at this level of awareness.  Interactions between positively and negatively polarized 5D souls are respectful, though I sense that negatively-polarized 5D souls may feel a bit superior to positively-polarized 5D souls because it it takes an exceptionally high degree of mastery to maintain negative polarization at such a high vibrational level. 
  • Negatively-polarized 5D souls depend on the game of duality in 3D and 4D to gain further negative polarization, through serving as guides to negatively polarized 3D and 4D souls, and subtle manipulation of positively-polarized 3D and 4D souls. Positively-polarized 5D souls may continue to be involved in the game in a similar fashion, but also have the option of pursuing the journey in other ways
  • Negatively-polarized 6D souls mainly gain further negative polarization through manipulation (to the extent that they are able) of positively polarized 5D souls. The dance of polarity ends in early sixth density when negatively-polarized 6D energies realize that it is not possible to pursue the path any further and decide to switch polarity.
Unity Consciousness. For positively polarized souls unity consciousness and the game of duality are not mutually exclusive. Unity consciousness in 3D is available to individuals through spiritual and shamanic practices that lead to transcendent experiences of unity with all creation. Unity consciousness in 4D is experienced by each individual through knowing that we are all One, while at the same time maintaining a strong sense of self in time and space. Unity consciousness in 5D continues with a sense of self that is not dependent on a sense of  time and space.

Some Concluding Observations on the EFITLO. It has been something of a surprise to me that Spirit has recently had me writing about the game of duality (see also Blog #12), something that I would not choose as a matter of personal preference. The discussion above, does, however provide a context for some concluding words about what I like to call the EFITLO (Earth Friends in the Loyal Opposition) during these chaotic times when the energetic shifts that have already taken place have yet to obviously filter down to the physical plane. This is a prime time for incarnated negatively polarized souls to cause mischief that will enhance "their" negative polarization before moving on to other planets/dimensions.  In the course of writing this blog I've realized that the outrageousness and absurdity of what is happening on the American political scene (which I can't help but be aware of even though I don't regularly read or listen to the news) is engineered to encourage strong emotional reactions among those who are spiritually aware.  There's not much negative polarization to be gained by manipulating the unaware (it's too easy), except to the extent that it gets under the skin of those who are aware. With some chagrin I've realized that the strategy has worked on me at times.  So now, when I feel the impulse to react with outrage I catch myself, and usually shift to responding with love, compassion, and divine neutrality to current events. And when I don't, I smile wryly to myself, and send an acknowledgement to the soul/souls who triggered the reaction, ""Got me that time! Blessings on your journey."    

In the meantime friends, stay grounded.  The Shift is happening. Hang in there.

Blessings, Love and Light,


PS As I've mentioned in previous Blogs I am currently working on revising and updating my Great Shift eBook. I welcome feedback and suggestions from those who have read the version that is currently available on my website.

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