Great Shift Blog #16 On Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Eternal Now

Published: Sat, 04/30/16

Great Shift Blog #16
On Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Eternal Now

April 30, 2016

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Two aspects of my understanding of multidimensional reality on the surface don't quite seem to fit together: 1) souls evolve, and 2) past, present and future co-exist in what I like to call the Cosmic Eternal Now. A related puzzle is: how does soul evolution take place when our Higher Selves are aware of all incarnations past, present and future?

In Chapter 7, Section 7.1.5, Linear Time in the Cosmic Eternal Now, I offer some perspectives on the Cosmic Eternal Now, and use the analogy of the idea of dynamic equilibrium in fluvial geomorphology to understand how the change that accompanies the evolution of souls is possible. I also find physicist Dewey Larson's ideas of time/space and space/time helpful in piecing together an understanding of soul evolution within the Cosmic Eternal Now.  In time/space, the current experience of most of us on physical Earth, at any moment the past is defined by actions up to the present moment, but the future is not determined. Space/time, on the other hand, is a non-dimensional vantage point from which past, present and future can be viewed as a continuous timeline in a particular dimensional reality (see above-mentioned Section 7.1.5 for more). Lately some pieces of the puzzle have been falling into place and I offer the following as a summary and progress report of how my own understanding is evolving:

--Soul evolution takes place in the Does aspect of All That Is and Does through some process of separation/individuation from the larger All That Is aspect of All That Is and Does.
--A new soul is something of a blank slate, full of potential that becomes experience through entry into the physicality of time/space.
--The initial stages of soul evolution take place in first through fourth density (see Section 7.1.4, A Seven Density Model for Evolution of Consciousness).
--Souls evolve sequentially from incarnation to incarnation in time/space with the experience of each "incarnation" adding an energetic imprint that is cumulative.
--From the perspective of any particular incarnation, the experience of all prior incarnations can be accessed, even if they have not taken place sequentially from the perspective of linear time.
--After a physical incarnation is completed the soul enters time/space where, in the case of a human Earth incarnation, a life review takes place and the next incarnation is planned.
--A soul's incarnational sequence does not necessarily follow a linear time sequence, i.e. a subsequent incarnation may take place in what would be considered the past from the perspective of the most recent incarnation.
--For a new incarnation, the purpose or lessons to be learned and/or karmic energies to be resolved are the primary determinant, not the time it begins in relation to previous incarnations. If the incarnation is in the same timeline as "future" incarnations that have already been experienced, geographic placement and relationships with other souls are selected to avoid paradoxes arising from possible influences on the already experienced "future" incarnation(s).
--Up to the end of fourth density prior incarnational experience may be accessed selectively to the extent that is helpful for spiritual growth and understanding.
--When a soul reaches fifth density it has access to all prior incarnational experience.  The nature of soul evolution at this stage takes on a different character which I don't have words to describe at this time. 
Using the Earth-as-a-school metaphor, human third-density experience is equivalent to an undergraduate curriculum, lower fourth density a master's curriculum and upper fourth density doctoral curriculum with the PhD conferred upon graduation to fifth density. My sense is that the majority of souls incarnated on Earth right now are third  and fourth density souls finishing their undergraduate/Master's degree work. A substantial number of fourth density souls are completing master's level work and ready to begin or complete doctoral work.There are also many fifth and sixth density souls incarnated on Earth to assist Mother Earth and humanity make the collective dimensional shift that is underway. Together we, each and every soul on Earth, are on the cutting edge of Creation.  What a marvelous journey!

In the meantime friends, stay grounded.  The Shift is happening. Hang in there.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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