Great Shift Blog #28 On Being Joyful for No Reason

Published: Tue, 11/22/16

Great Shift Blog #28 On Being Joyful for No Reason

Dear fellow travelers,

I have been observing with interest the varied reactions and responses in different consensual realities to the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election earlier this month, on  which I will offer my own perspective in a forthcoming blog.  My own experience of the energies in the past few months has been an odd intertwining of a sense of acceleration and slow motion.  When I posted this blog on Facebook a few days after my last mailing, topics for new blogs came with such a frequency that I anticipated multiple blogs being written by now. Yet only now am I getting around to sending this one out.  In these topsy turvy times Spirit is now nudging me to send out new blogs as they are written, so we will see what unfolds.

On Being Joyful for No Reason
October 20, 2016

I have many things in my life to be joyful about, celebrating my 43rd wedding anniversary recently and two beautiful grandchildren, to name a few.  Since the September equinox I've noticed something new: now and then being filled with a feeling of joy for no obvious reason.  A consequence of the latest shift in planetary energies? I don't know. The experience prompted me to create the image above, which has as background a photograph I took while at my favorite coffee shop in town on the day of the equinox.

The remarkable thing about joy is that it can be felt in the most trying of circumstances. Take my father, Kenneth Boulding, for example. His boundless creativity continued virtually unabated when he was dying of cancer.  He wrote 143 sonnets from January 3, 1992 to February 6, 1993 (six weeks before he died on March 18).  Here is the penultimate sonnet that he wrote when in hospice care and bed-ridden:  

Outrageous Joy
January 24, 1993​​​​​​​

Joy is outrageous. Here we are on a cliff
In a cloud; and we know there is a brink
That well may be much closer than we think,
We could be over it in just a jiff.
Over all broods the silent sound of "if"
And even where we stand we sense a stink
Of pain and human misery--we shrink
And then comes, almost like a clown saying "Piff,"

Absurd joy to the world, the Lord is come
Like fresh sap rising in a withered tree
A flame of praise, rising exultantly
Beyond all reason in a world so glum
   There is a vast refreshment in the sky--
   What matters cliffs indeed to those who fly!

So, friends, please join me in being joyful for no reason.  ​​​​​​​

In the meantime, he shift is happening. Hang in there. Stay grounded.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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