Great Shift and Earth Energy Healing Special Mailing, December 14, 2016

Published: Wed, 12/14/16

Great Shift and Earth Energy Healing Special Mailing
December 14, 2016

Dear fellow travelers and Earth healers,

In Great Blog #28 I indicated that a blog on the U.S. Presidential election was forthcoming. I have now seen enough excellent commentaries on the election and responses at a personal level from friends in a variety of consensual realities, I find that I don't have much more to say on the topic except to share my deep sense that all is/will be well. In the short run that does not mean things will be easy. I have already felt considerable heartbreak related to issues near and dear to my heart related to my 3D environmental work in support of Mother Earth. In the longer run I see the potential for substantial positive changes in the coming year, and ultimately a more rapid progression of events that will push/pull humanity collectively into heart-centeredness.  In the meantime, I will share the personal practice I have developed to respond to grim news:
  • I Always I keep my heart open energetically.
  • I do not assume that the negative consequences that past history would suggest are likely will happen.
  • I create an energetic potential for unexpected responses by individuals who may be directly involved that would create a positive rather than a negative outcome.
The reason I am sending out a joint mailing to the GS Blog and EEH Newsletter lists is a surprising development in my own life.  I have received clear indications from Spirit to put the half-dozen writing projects I have in progress on hold and release any sense of attachment as to whether any of them are completed.  This includes the half-dozen or so ideas for topics for Great Shift Blogs that have come to mind. In the last EEH Newsletter I indicated receiving glimmerings of new directions/continuing work for the Earth Energy Healing Network.  For now, I have a sense that new projects require some more gestation time. The one ongoing project that I have a clear sense will continue is a focus on healing Gaia's waters.

I am also letting go of any attachment to my current understanding of the nature of multidimensional reality. The image that has come to me is to enter into a Cloud of Unknowing for an indefinite period of time. At the same time I will be grounding myself in the physical plane with family, home, homestead, and local community of friends. During this time as part of creating an open energetic space in my life, I will be leaving most Facebook groups I am a member of, except for those to which I feel a close personal connection. Even in those I do not anticipate being an active presence. To the extent that I will be active on FB it will be through my personal FB page.

Finally, I do anticipate continuing personal  email correspondence with friends around the planet, and anyone who receives this mailing whether we have made a personal connection or not, is welcome to write if there are any aspects of your personal journey that you would like to share or ask about.  The main email I use for my Great Shift work is: [email protected], and the main one I use for Earth Healing work is: [email protected].

In the meantime, the shift is happening. Hang in there. Stay grounded

Blessings, Love and Light,