Great Shift Blog #29 On All that Is and Does and Love As the First Motion in All That Does

Published: Thu, 03/02/17

Great Shift Blog #29 On All that Is and Does and
 Love As the First Motion in All That Does
March 2, 2017

Dear fellow travelers,

My away time continues, yet Spirit is nudging me to send out this blog, which has been gestating for a while.

In my ever-changing and growing understanding of multidimensional reality I have not encountered in writing a term or phrase that captures to my satisfaction the experience of individuated consciousness within the Unity that underlies all things. G.I. Gurdijeff's All and Everything comes close, yet this is tied closely to the large and profound corpus of his written work. His work is among many that occupy an area in my overall map of the territory of multidimensional reality. 

All that Is and Does. I don't remember when this phrase first came to me as an apt description of the Unity that underlies everything.  It's strange, I know I've mentioned it in earlier writings, yet in searching through my blogs and Great Shift ebook I haven't found any passage I can quote that describes how I have come to understand what this encompasses.  I see All that Is as encompassing All that Does, yet it is fundamentally unknowable from the perspective of All that Does:
  • All that Is exists out of time in the Cosmic Eternal Now (CEN) in what I imagine to be a state of blissful unity.  In such a state there is no need for or impulse for change.
  • All that Does is the creative element of All that Is and Does within the CEN.  Great Shift Blog #16 (On Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Eternal Now) describes a bit of how I understand time and out-of-time as both operating within the CEN. As individuated consciousnesses within All that Does we may receive glimpses of All that Is through transcendent experiences.  I see All that Is as fundamentally unknowable because descriptions we have available to us are from spiritual teachers, channeled information from higher dimensional beings, and descriptions of personal transcendent experiences that are filtered through individuated awarenesses. Many Lightworkers now speak of the Great Shift as involving a shift to Unity Consciousness.  While there are many ways of understanding what this might mean I would like to suggest that Unity Consciousness exists within All that Does, and is for us to experience as individuated consciousnesses.
Love as the First Motion in All that Does. While the above may seem a bit abstract in the context of the chaos that is taking place on Earth right now, it is laying a foundation for new insights that have been coming to me, so please bear with me. In Chapter 8 of my Great Shift ebook (Something Amazing is Happening on Planet Earth--see particularly Sections 8.1 and 8.2) I cite a variety of higher dimensional sources that suggest what is happening on Earth at this time has galactic and cosmic significance.  The new information coming to me indicates that what is happening is even more amazing than I describe in Chapter 8.  

I have wondered for a while how the All that Does aspect arose from All that Is when, as I envision it, there is little impulse for Isness to create Doesness.  A clue came to me in reading my mother, Elise Boulding's unpublished journals to make selections for publication.  Many time she began a journal entry with Love was the first motion.  These words came from an entry in journals written by the 18th-century Quaker John Woolman (for a good description of the context for the entry, see The Education of John Woolman).  Several months ago it came to me: Love was the first motion when All that Does arose.

Stay tuned for the next Blog which will relate this to what's happening with the Great Shift. 

In the meantime, the shift is happening. Hang in there. Stay grounded.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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