Great Shift Blog #30 On Individuation as the Second Motion in All That Does, the Omniverse and Multiverse

Published: Sun, 06/18/17

Great Shift Blog #30 On Individuation as the Second Motion in All That Does, the Omniverse and Multiverse
June 17, 2017

Dear fellow travelers,

In Great Shift Blog #13 (On Keeping a Flexible Frame of Reference) I described my practice of incorporating all new information into my map of the territory of multidmensional reality whether it comfortably fits into my own working frame of reference or not. I especially appreciate encountering bodies of information that represent a distinct frame of reference. When there are commonalities with my own, I feel greater confidence in that aspect. When the information is not part of my own working frame of reference I usually incorporate it in some way. I also note with interest elements of my own frame of reference that are missing from other frames of reference I encounter. When I entered the cloud of unknowing that I mentioned in my special mailing at the end of last year I let go of any attachment to the understanding of multidimensional reality that I had developed up to that point. My previous Blog #29 (On All That Is and Does and Love As the First Motion in All That Does) was the first installment of what has emerged from the process of letting go and reintegration. Here I share my new perspective on what happened in All That Does after the first motion.

Individuation as the Second Motion in All That Does. Individuation of consciousness and the differing points of view that arise from experience in All in That Does is the second motion that makes creativity, change, and evolution possible.  Individuation is not the same as separation, and in its origin, individuated consciousness is fully aware of its connection to All That Is, and other expressions of individuated consciousness. With individuation comes also the potential for questioning or forgetting its connection to source and that's when things start to get interesting.   

Creation of the Omniverse and the Multiverse. The Omniverse was created by and for the individuated consciousnesses that arose in the second motion to serve as a framework for what followed.  What followed was the Multiverse a multitude of universes with different starting origins created to see what would develop. The Omniverse exists outside of time and space, and individuated consciousness retains its sense of connection with All That Is. Universes within the Multiverse exist in time and space as the primary arena for what happens within them, though non-material dimensions may exist as well. Depending on how a universe originates and develops beings within the universe may range from feeling a complete sense of separate from All That Is to an intermittent or continuous sense of connection. Beings associated with the Omniverse are able to freely interact with universes in the Multiverse, but tend to be perceived by beings within a Universe in a way that is understandable in the context of the particular universe.

In my last blog I indicated that what is happening on Earth now is even more amazing than I realized when I released my ebook Preparing for the Great Shift  in 2008.  The next Blog, tentatively titled On The Great Shift on Earth and the Multiverse will elaborate. Stay tuned.    

In the meantime, the shift is happening. Hang in there. Stay grounded.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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