Great Shift Blogs # 22-25

Published: Tue, 08/16/16

Great Shift Blogs #22-25
August 16, 2016

Dear fellow travelers,

I often don't know what topic I'll be writing about or when, until I receive a nudge from Spirit that it is time to get a blog out.  My rational mind wonders a bit why the four topics that have come out this past month are so diverse. In the grand scheme of things, I also observe that I reach relatively few readers. About 550 receive these mailings and individual postings on my Great Shift Facebook page seem to reach up to another couple of hundred. I wonder about that as well.  Nevertheless, since I released my life to the service Mother Earth and all beings upon her in 2002 I have trusted that Spirit sees a much bigger picture than I am able to see, and that that there is a purpose to wherever and however Spirit focuses my attention.  

The text of the following blogs is included with this mailing.  Three were posted on Facebook with additional photographs, and have received a few comments (links included): 

Blog #22: On Being a Bodhisattva, August 2, 2016: FB Link1
Blog #23: On the Passing of High-Vibrational Souls, August 8, 2016: I was unable to post this blog on FB.  It is very personal so perhaps that is why it it being included here but not as a separate FB posting.
Blog #24: On The Game of Duality and the Dance of Polarity (2): Some Personal Experiences, August 11, 2016: FB Link2​​​​​​​
Blog #25: On Mind and Heart Intelligence, August 14, 2016:  FB Link3. This blog seems to have attracted the most readers on FB.

In the meantime, friends, the shift is happening. Hang in there. stay grounded.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Great Shift Blog #22 On Being a Bodhisattva, August 2, 2016 

Dear fellow travelers,

In some of my earlier writing about the Great Shift I spoke of the No Soul Left Behind program that became possible when humanity and Earth shifted to a non-catastrophic timeline in the late 1980s.  If you are reading this, whatever your soul origin, I would not be surprised if you have in one lifetime or another, or before coming to Earth this time, or consciously in this lifetime, committed yourself to the energies that underlie this program. Thank you!

In earlier times these energies were expressed in the bodhisattva vow. Many versions exist. A beautiful expression of the vow is the prayer of the seventh century Buddhist monk Shantideva which I had the honor of singing as a member of a choir at a very moving interfaith service in Bloomington, Indiana on October 2007 in which the Dalai Lama participated:

For as long a space endures,
And for as long as living beings remain,
Until then may I, too, abide
To dispel the misery of the world.

May I be warmth for those who are cold,
And rain for those oppressed by drought,
May I be a home for the homeless
And a lamp for those in the dark.

In order to serve the needs of all people
May I be strong and sure; a fount of compassion,
A vanquisher of fear, a dream-fulfilling gem,
And a wish-granting tree.

May I be mighty as the Earth and clear like the overarching sky
To support and provide the conditions in which I and others may thrive.
May all the afflicted be free of disease and obtain abundant relief.
May I serve only to lead humankind to attain contentment and joy.

According to the Wiki article on bodhisattvas, in the Mahayana tradition a bodhisattva can choose any of three paths to help sentient beings in the process of achieving buddhahood. They are:
  1. king-like bodhisattva - one who aspires to become buddha as soon as possible and then help sentient beings in full fledge;
  2. boatman-like bodhisattva - one who aspires to achieve buddhahood along with other sentient beings;
  3. shepherd-like bodhisattva - one who aspires to delay buddhahood until all other sentient beings achieve buddhahood. Bodhisattvas like Shantideva are believed to fall in this category.​​​​​​​
Within different Buddhist traditions one or the other of these paths are considered “greater” or “lesser”.  Though I personally, resonate most with the shepherd-like path, no doubt a consequence of my specific incarnational experience on Earth, I honor all three paths equally.  I would also expand the definition of bodhisattva  to encompass souls who are committed to the process of healing and attaining wholeness and balance among all Beings on Earth, not just sentient humans. 

In my lifetime I have been blessed to know many bodhisattvas in all walks of life, old souls, young souls (at least with respect to Earth experience), healers, activists who work for peace and justice, activists who work to protect animals, ecosystems, and Mother Earth’s atmosphere, body and waters, and souls who quietly bring light to planet day-to-day just by being who they are. Thank you all for serving in your own beautiful and unique way.

Blog #23 On the Passing of High-Vibrational Souls, August 8, 2016

Dear fellow travelers,

Today I have been filled with sadness triggered by the memory of the deaths of dear friends in the past few years who by “objective” measures I see no good reason for their passing. At a very human level the deaths seemed premature. These friends had so much still to contribute during these chaotic times of transformation. Feeling sad is OK; it is part of the human experience. When we let the sacred tears flow freely, we make it easier for others, for whom tears do not flow freely, to let loose and experience healing by expressing bottled-up grief. My tears have been flowing freely today.

In the midst of the sadness, I also take some comfort in viewing what has happened from a multidimensional perspective. From reports I’m seeing from a variety of sources, it does seem to be a time for many beautiful high-vibrational souls to pass on. From a larger frame of reference I see a number of reasons for a high-vibrational soul to leave their physical body at this time:
  • The particular Earth mission the soul incarnated for has been accomplished.
  • The particular Earth mission the soul originally incarnated for may not have been accomplished, but the shifting energies have led to a situation where the soul can be better of service to what is happening on Earth from the Other Side.
  • Some (many?) Old Souls who incarnated before the timeline shift, when it was unlikely that we would still be alive now, are leaving their physical bodies in order to quickly reincarnate to become teachers in the New Earth (this particular information is from Kryon).
  • Third density souls who are ready to shift to fourth density are dying in terrorist attacks to give other folks the opportunity to open their hearts with compassion rather than reacting in fear. My sense is that these souls are able to reincarnate fairly quickly into the new energies and get a head start on being part of co-creating the New Earth.
From the human perspective, what is perhaps hardest to accept is the passing of a friend who wished to remain, pursued all options for healing of the physical body, yet died. The only explanation that I can offer for this is that, although we have free will, our Higher Selves have the prerogative of over-riding what we “think” we would like, or even in a heart-felt way express as our desire or intention. Below I share two examples of this.

Cancer and Alzheimer's a Karmic Purifiers. My father, Kenneth Boulding (1910-1993) and mother, Elise Boulding (1920-2010), were/are high-vibrational souls who incarnated to live through the darkest times of human history in the last ten thousand years. My father was a child during the First World War and was traumatized by it. My father and mother lived through both the Second World War and the worst of the Cold War. They incarnated to be peacemakers and both left a remarkable legacy. When high-vibrational souls incarnate they take a risk, because they have to comply with the rules of the game on Earth of forgetting one’s soul origin. In the process of forgetting it is easy for even high-vibrational souls to create karmic entanglements that must be addressed while in the physical body. Kenneth and Elise Boulding were no exception to this, and I would like to share my multidimensional perspective on the different ways they left their physical bodies. 

The traumatic karmic energies that my parents accumulated during their lifetimes on Earth were not obvious to the outside world, yet they were there. They cared deeply for humanity and Mother Earth, and the wounds they experienced in order to bring light to a very dark period in human history were deep as well. Both seem to be examples of souls who’s Higher Selves over-rode their personal preferences. Kenneth, who intended to live to see the year 2000, died in 1993 while Elise, who felt ready to leave her physical body at the age of 50, ended up living another 40 years.

My father, combined a brilliant mind with a deep spirituality that he expressed through poetry. However the nature of his personality was such that he was unable to recognize and acknowledge the wounds that he carried and heal them in a conscious way. Instead Spirit allowed him to heal them through cancer. This was long before I had the awareness of energies that I have now, yet even then I saw how the cancer purified him to the point where by the end he was luminous. Elise was at his side as the time came for the organs of his body to shut down one by one. His strong heart was beating to the end. His last words were “I love the world”.

Elise’s journey was quite different, and I was able to share it with her as part of my own spiritual journey after my awakening in 2002. Spirit offered her a road map for healing in a conscious way. She knew it would take nine years of letting go of any attachment to making the world a better place, as she had so passionately done throughout her life, in order to bring to conscious awareness the wounds she carried and heal them. Even knowing this at a cognitive level, it ended up being too hard for her to put into practice. In the end, Spirit allowed her to heal the wounds at a super-conscious level through Alzheimer’s as I shared on a web page I created to chronicle the journey: Elise Boulding's Journey with Alzheimer's

Friends, I had no idea when I woke up this morning, with the 8:8 Lion’s Gate energies so strong, that I would be remembering and honoring souls who have passed, or writing about my father and mother (yes, I asked and received their permission to share what I’ve written). I had no idea that my tears would be flowing so freely today. So today, or any day you feel tears rising, let them flow. They are sacred.

 Kenneth and Elise Boulding in front of the quilt they received from the Boise Peace Quilt Project, 1988.

Great Shift Blog #24 On The Game of Duality and the Dance of Polarity (2): Some Personal Experiences, August 11, 2016

Dear fellow travelers,

There was a time early in my spiritual journey since my awakening in 2002 when I jumped into the game of duality head first.  I’m not sure exactly when I left the Game to enter the dance of polarity. I only found the language to describe that shift when I wrote Great Shift Blog #14, which provides further context for this one.

At any time I have a variety of possible topics in mind for this blog, and never know which one will be put by Spirit on the top of the list until I start writing. Please stay tuned for future blogs if this topic does not particularly interest you. I am assuming that my audience here is other positively polarized souls, though if any negatively polarized souls find their way here, you are certainly welcome to the information for whatever insights it may offer as you proceed on your path, which I do honor as a spiritual path.
Some General Observation About the Game of Duality and the Dance of Polarity. I’d like offer a few observations based on my experience on Earth in this and other lifetimes that I remember:
  • In our encounters with negatively-polarized energies, no matter how powerful, our Higher Selves are not asking us to deal with something that we don’t have the capacity to handle at the time of the encounter.
  • Positive polarity and unity consciousness are not mutually exclusive.  As I understand it, unity consciousness begins in the fourth density stage of a soul’s journey (see Great Shift Blog #16 for more about my understanding of soul evolution) and continues until the soul, or collective of souls who have joined together, are ready to move beyond polarity.
  • When someone makes the shift to fifth density, which many are making on Earth at this time, he or she is not home free as far of the possibility of encounters with and/or influence by negatively polarized fifth and sixth density energies. The importance for energetic discernment becomes more important than ever, because the possible influences are more subtle.  On the other hand, depending on the particulars of an individual’s soul journey here on Earth, such encounters are not necessarily required.
  • The energies have shifted on Earth to the point where disincarnate negatively-polarized fourth density energies are able to function minimally, if at all.
  • At this stage of the shift Earth provides abundant opportunities for negatively-polarized fifth and sixth density energies to further their negative polarity through manipulation of positively polarized souls. By the same token they provide us positively-polarized souls with abundant opportunities to recognize when this is happening, thank them for the lessons they provide, and continue on our own journeys.
  • The sixth density social memory complex Ra, channeled through Carla Rueckert, said about physical incarnation on Earth (68.17): Although there are no mistakes, there are surprises.  I can guarantee, based on my own experience, to underestimate the ability and subtlety of fifth and sixth density negatively-polarized energies leads to surprises!
Some Experiences and Lessons Learned from the Game of Duality. I now look back with a bit of chagrin at how fully I entered into the Game after my spiritual awakening in 2002. I played the Game with a relish that bordered on recklessness, and planned to play it as high as it went, which at the time I understood to be sixth density. I did have some natural aptitude in sensing mischievous energies and clearing them, which made me overly confident.  Perhaps the biggest surprise I experienced after playing the Game for several years was that I had been largely clueless about the energies I was working with. The only reason I did not cause serious mischief myself was some combination of trusting my intuition when it really mattered, help from others when I really needed it, with no small measure of Divine Grace added in. 

I would like to share the following experiences to illustrate some of the general points I’ve made above:
  • Much of my early training as a channel for healing energy involved relinquishing control of my body and vocal chords to my guides while I observed what was happening.  In one session I sensed a portal open up above me and some ETs looking down at me. I now can recognize the energies as negatively polarized fourth density. The sounds I was making shifted to something that I realized would be harmful to my vocal chords if they continued.  Under normal circumstances when I am channeling I can re-exert conscious control of my body at any time.  This time I was not able to.  I called upon higher dimensional help, and with it was able to close the portal and regain control of my vocal chords.  LESSON: Help is available when we really require help, and ask for it. 

  • Again, early in my journey of awakening, one night while in bed I felt a portal open up at the base of my spine, and felt it was zapped with something that felt like an electrical shock.  I didn’t even have the language to name portals at the time.  The closest I can come to describing what followed is what happens when the signal to a TV screen is disrupted and the picture disintegrates into pixels with some retaining color and others going black.  I felt my energy field pixelating and starting to disintegrate. I can’t tell you exactly what I did in response except that I knew instinctively to not react with fear, and concentrated on keeping my energy field intact.  Throughout the night it would periodically begin to pixelate again and I would reconsolidate my energy field.  After his happened I knew I was way over my head in understanding what had happened and sought out a very high-vibrational higher dimensional source for information.  I was told that I had gained the attention of a negatively polarized fifth density entity.  Once I knew this, I was able to recognize the energy and proceeded accordingly, which over the years turned into a relationship something akin to that of fellow travelers. LESSON: At one level, though I scarcely had a frame of reference from understanding what had happened, I knew instinctively what was required to respond to the situation, so it was allowed to happen by my Higher Self.

  • At a later time I had a chance to ask the higher dimensional source mentioned above about negatively-polarized sixth density entities.  If I ever sensed the presence of such an entity my higher dimensional friend recommended that I invite it to sit down for a metaphoric cup of tea. Later, one night while drifting off to sleep I sensed an immense dark presence.  The closest I can come to describing it is the Balrog in Lord of the Rings, except MUCH bigger, so big I was scarcely the size of an ant from its perspective. I gulped and, remembering the advice I had received, invited it to sit down for an etheric cup of tea. I have to admit that I was tongue-tied. What do you say to such an energy over tea? It remained for a few minutes allowing my smallness and insignificance from its perspective to sink in, and then departed. LESSON: Up until that encounter I considered myself a master of the Game.  Chastened, I realized that there is no way to “win” the Game. It is possible, however to leave the Game and enter the dance of polarity.  That is perhaps a topic for another blog.
I’d like to conclude by acknowledging that there are many ways to understand multidimensional reality. This blog is written from the perspective of the seven density/dimensional understanding of multidimensional reality that I describe in my Great Shift ebook.  That Spirit has nudged me to publicly share these experiences suggests to me that during these crazy times on 3D Earth, this frame of reference has relevance and may be of some value to some readers.  As always, test all information with discernment.

Great Shift Blog #25 On Mind and Heart Intelligence, August 14, 2016.

Several years ago I updated the About Russell page on my Great Shift website to say:

I recently reread this [page], written nine years ago, and was struck by how little things have changed for me in some ways, and how different they are in others. At age 67 [now 69] I am blessed with robust overall physical health, but poor eyesight and hearing remain. This sentence, however, I would change: It has been necessary for me to develop my understanding of the larger reality that lies beyond our physical world primarily through intellect rather than through direct experience. I can't really pinpoint when the internal shift occurred for me, but now my heart has become my primary organ of perception with my intellect/mind working through it. It takes ongoing attention to stay in this expansive energetic space. It is possible for every person alive today who hasn't made this shift to make it.

I recently received a FB message asking about this:

[Y]ou wrote, that you were able to switch from primarily mental//thinking to heart-intelligence. I have been trying to do that for over 20 years without success. I wonder if you … would explain it more. Was it a practice? Or a "grace of god" moment when it took over? I have only on a very few moments achieved this and it felt like the most wonderful, real way to exist. I would deeply appreciate any guidance you can pass along to me, from a fellow left brain person.

The mind/intellect or heart can be pursued as distinct spiritual paths, and there are many positively polarized ET civilizations that tend to follow one or the other. The path of negative polarization, to the extent I am able to understand it, seems to focus primarily on the mind/intellect. The Earth experiment, as the one free-will planet in the cosmos right now (or at least the part of the cosmos that I am aware of) provides unique opportunities for those who would like to integrate these two different paths.  I certainly see pursuing primarily one or the other as valid paths as well. 

I remember lifetimes on Earth where I followed one or the other path. For example “my” lifetimes studying and  teaching in various Mystery Schools tended to focus on mind/intellect, whereas “my” lifetimes putting Jesus and Siddartha’s  teachings into practice tended to focus on the heart. From my current vantage point in this lifetime there was something missing when I followed primarily one or the other path. So what does it mean to integrate to two paths?  The simplest way to describe it is that one’s mind/intellect works through the heart. My friend above described it beautifully as “the most real, wonderful way to exist.”

As to how, perhaps more easily said than done, but I’ll offer some suggestions based on my own experience:
  • Let go of the “need” to understand what is happening and trust that if it is important to understand cognitively, Spirit will let you know.  Because I lived much of the first 55 years of my life in my head, I spent (and still spend) quite of bit of time with my mind asking “what is THAT all about?”  I love the aha! moments when understanding lights up.  For me they are special because they may be far and few between.
  • Before focusing on mental activity, first focus on the heart chakra and open it.  It is not necessary to be able to “see” chakras for this to happen (I still don’t).  Yet I know when my heart chakra is open by an expansive feeling in the chest.  When I don’t feel expansive I take a deep breath while visualizing that my heart is expanding. Sometimes it takes multiple breaths to feel really expansive.
  • Once the heart chakra is open, turn the focus on the mental task at hand, while at the same time visualizing that the information that is being analyzed is coming in through the heart and flowing to the mind, and being processed as the heart and mind remain connected.  
  • When the information that my mind is processing is to be communicated with others, I carefully chose the words that I use, keeping them as free of “negative” energetic baggage as I am able.  Depending on the circumstances I may also hold the energy of the words I use in my heart and add the energies of love and divine neutrality to them.
Yes, what I describe above is easier said than done.  The benefits are wonderful.  I find it easier when I am writing than when I am speaking. I don’t beat myself up when I lose the connection.  It gets easier to reestablish the connection the more you do it.