Great Shift Blog #26 On Telempathy and Serving as an Emotional Pressure Relief Valve

Published: Fri, 09/16/16

Great Shift Blogs #26
On Telempathy and Serving as an Emotional Pressure Relief Valve
September 16, 2016

Prefatory Update. The previous two mailings have included five blogs, and when I sent the last one out I had a half-dozen topics and least two or three that seemed important to get out before this mailing.  However, the energies are shifting so rapidly that when I sat down recently to write on several topics I had in mind they were no longer in the current flow of the energies. The blog included in this mailing was original posted on my Great Shift Facebook page on August 23, 2016 and can be commented on there by FB members. This one seems to have struck a responsive chord on FB. Up until this one, a reach of 200 people was high for a blog posting. Within a few days of posting this one more than 500 had read it.   

I took the photo above while having breakfast on our deck the day I wrote this blog.  Somehow the dewdrops on the clothesline capture the beauty that I feel in my connection with humanity even as I feel sorrow and pain, my own and that of the collective moving through me.

Dear fellow travelers, 

Telempathy, the ability to sense what others are feeling emotionally and/or physically, is a type of high sense perception that  can be especially challenging when it is chosen as a part of incarnational experience on Earth. I greatly honor those sensitive souls who include telempathy as part of their journeys of service to assist in healing others. I also feel deep gratitude to Mother Earth for her willingness during the past ten thousand or so years to take into her emotional energy body the pain of human experience that was more than individuals could handle. Now it is time for humanity to accept responsibility for acknowledging and releasing that accumulated pain and suffering as individuals and collectively. The planetary energies have shifted to a point where this can be accomplished with relative ease by those who understand how. I would like to offer some observations and suggestions arising from my own experience as it relates to telempathy as a form of collective healing.

Serving as an Emotional Pressure Relief Valve.  I first became aware that it is possible to serve as a pressure relief valve for the emotions of others in 2007 when I attended a memorial service for a highly respected academic and peace activist friend of my mother's. I was familiar with her work, but had never met her. The memorial service took place in an auditorium-style classroom at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was filled with people who had known and loved her. I'll preface what I experienced at the memorial service by saying that as an energy healer, I am able to connect with the emotional energy body of the person I am working with, feel in my body and give expression through my vocal chords traumas that are ready to be released, thus giving the person I am working with the opportunity to acknowledge and release them from their energy field. What happened during the memorial service was somewhat similar to this, but quite different as well. As soon as the memorial service began, tears started streaming down my cheeks, and I felt intense grief that continued through the entire service. It was only after the service that the understanding came that I was serving as an emotional pressure relief valve for many at the service who were not able to consciously acknowledge and express the grief that they were feeling. I was not "taking" on their grief but served as a channel for the excess emotions that were more than they could bear easily, easing the intensity and allowing them time to more gradually process the remaining grief. My sense is that the Higher Selves of everyone present determined whether, or what degree of release was appropriate for each individual at the service. 

It wasn't until 2014 that the pressure relief valve image actually came to me as described in Great Shift and Earth Changes Update Newsletter #47 (the last one I wrote before shifting to a blog):

Part of what has made the time challenging has been extended periods of feeling emotions that aren't characteristic of me, especially a sense of low-grade depression. When I tuned in more closely to the feelings, I had a sense that they were coming more from the collective human experience than from "me", although I could certainly see things happening in my life that could be seen as contributing factors.  I have quite a few Lightworker friends who seem to be having similar experiences, which has led me to understand that we have volunteered to serve as energetic pressure release valves in a manner similar to the pressure relief valve of a hot water heater. If the temperature/pressure gets too high, the valve opens and relieves the pressure to keep the tank for exploding. Those who serve as energetic pressure relief valves channel enough of the negative emotions of the human collective to keep things from exploding to allow folks to deal with the emotions they are ultimately responsible for dealing with without melting down.  

This blog is prompted by a sense that many others are at a stage of their journeys where they have healed their own emotional energy bodies to a point where they can help ease pressure on those who do not have the awareness to deal with the full intensity of deeply held emotions that now surfacing. The purpose of this is to allow these folks to continue functioning as best they are able until they wake up enough to begin healing at a conscious level. To any reading this who feel resonance with what I've shared, I'd like to offer a few suggestions for serving as an emotional pressure relief valve (if this doesn't feel like part of your journey, that's fine, too):
  • With all painful or uncomfortable emotions, wherever they are coming from, acknowledge the emotion and let it go.
  • First reaffirm your connection with Mother Earth through all parts of your body that are touching her (you can connect through anything physical that is connected to the ground if you are not in a place to directly touch the earth).
  • To acknowledge, open your heart chakra (I describe this in Blog #25, also available on the Great Shift FB page) take in a deep breath, feel the emotion in your heart.
  • To release the emotion expel your breath and visualize the emotion leaving through the breath.
​​​​​​​Depending on the emotion, and where a person is on their journey, it may be helpful to understand where it is coming from.
  • For individuals who are consciously engaged in healing their personal emotional energy bodies, and feel ready to volunteer to assist humanity collectively, ask whether an emotion that arises is "personal" or coming from the "collective."  If it is personal, ask whether it would be helpful on your journey to know the source of the emotion. If the answer is "yes:, then there may be energetic tracking to do. If the answer is "no", let it go! I have found that I am at a stage in my own healing journey where rarely am I asked to trace the emotion to its source. I will say that it seemed to take forever to get to that point!
  • For emotions that are coming from the collective that do not have a clear personal component, mild depression is the one that I most commonly feel of this sort, I employ the release procedure I describe above.  Feelings of inadequacy are another widely held emotion that may have a personal component, but my sense is that in most instances can be released without having to trace the personal component.
  • Strong emotions like anger or fear require special attention, and are probably best dealt with as personal emotions.  I have not been called to channel these emotions for the collective, but there may be some who are.
  • Lately I have been experience bitter-sweet emotions of sadness that I recognize as personal, yet are intimately part of my own journey.  These emotions I allow to flow, with a sense that by accepting them and the circumstances that lead to the emotions, I am making it easier for others to deal with the emotions as well.The sadness I described on the passing of loved ones in Blog #23 is an example of this. 
In the meantime, friends, the shift is happening. Hang in there. stay grounded.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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