Great Shift Blog #31 On the Great Shift on Earth and the Multiverse

Published: Thu, 07/06/17

Great Shift Blog #31 On the Great Shift on Earth and the Multiverse
July 6, 2017

Dear fellow travelers,

This blog concludes the series that began with Blog #29 (On All That Is and Does and Love As the First Motion in All That Does), and continued with Blog #30 (On Individuation as the Second Motion in All That Does: the Omniverse and Multiverse) by relating the big picture described in those blogs to what's happening on Earth at this time.  

The Multiverse. The Multiverse is where the action is in All That Does, a multitude of universes, each with a different origin, created to see what would happen to individuated consciousness that develops within the defining parameters of each universe.  Many universes may share mostly common defining parameters, with key difference introduced to see how a particular variable may affect soul evolution within each universe. My sense is that soul evolution typically takes place within a particular universe, without interaction with souls in other universes, while individuated consciousnesses that arose within the Omniverse are able to interact with many universes within the Multiverse.   

Something Amazing is Happening on Planet Earth. Rereading the opening sections 8.1 (The Eyes of the Cosmos are Upon Us) and 8.2 (Something Different on Planet Earth) of Chapter 8 almost 10 years after I wrote it, I am filled with a sense of renewed wonder by the number and variety of higher dimensional sources that attest to Earth’s uniqueness and humanity’s remarkable destiny...
  • We humans are moving into our full power as co-creators in the cosmos and will eventually give the Supreme Creator a chance for a vacation.
  • Earth is a living library of life forms from all over the galaxy and we humans will serve as the librarians after the Shift is completed to allow extraterrestrial civilizations access to life forms that they need for their own planets.
  • The Great Shift will mark a new era, bringing an end to the interstellar wars between the forces of light and darkness, and will establish permanent peace and unity in the galaxy.  In this scenario, Earth and this solar system will become the meeting place for the entire galaxy.
  • The level of consciousness that humanity attains on Earth during the closing days of this cycle will provide the blueprint for another Big Bang that will create a new universe.
  • Earth is the pivot point for a new creation and beyond (page 2).
And now I see that something even more amazing is happening.  The physical planet Earth that is now inhabited by 7.5 billion+ souls is a place where souls from many, many universes with different origins are able to further their own soul journeys and often journeys with soul groups from their original universe through interacting with souls from other universes.  The diversity of individual soul purposes is astounding, and there is a grand cross-fertilization taking place as souls from different universes have the opportunity to interact. Depending on the choices that individual souls make different outcomes may be possible: 
  • Souls may return to their universe of origin to continue their soul journey, with the new experiences adding richness to the continuing evolution of the universe as well.
  • Souls may chose to switch to another universe and continue their soul journey, with the experience of their universe of origin adding richness to the continuing evolution of that universe.
  • Souls may leave their universe of origin and join together with souls from other universes to create a  New Earth in a New Universe.
In the meantime, the shift is happening. Hang in there. Stay grounded.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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