Great Shift Blog #32 On Being in the Energy Flow

Published: Wed, 08/02/17

Great Shift Blog #32 On Being in the Energy Flow
August 2, 2017

Dear fellow travelers,

I remember times in my spiritual journey when the energetic flow of my life has been effortless and magical, synchronicity followed by synchronicity.When I resisted the natural energy flow, by which I mean the path by which I could serve the highest good of Mother Earth and all beings upon her, my life became difficult, stressful and downright unpleasant. There was a stage in my journey when I saw a feeling of effortlessness and magic as an indication that I was in the energy flow, and the lack of such feelings as an indication that I was resisting the flow.  I'm not sure when I realized that in dedicating my life to being of service the energy flow of my life would naturally also involve difficulties and unpleasantness. Lately that has almost seemed like the norm in my own life.

A week ago I was putting a piece of mail in the mailbox on the street we live on when Willis, a medium-sized dog living temporarily across the street snuck up behind me, began to bark ferociously, bit the back of my upper left leg and returned to the yard across the street. The bite left a perfect imprint of the teeth of his upper and lower jaws and bled profusely. After the initial shock I kept my heart open, responded in a friendly way to the contrite expressions by the neighbor who was giving Willis a temporary place to stay and later his owner who said he would find another location for Willis.  With gratitude I gave thanks that it was me who was bitten and not one of the many children (including our grandchildren) who play in the neighborhood.   

Unpleasant? Yes. Was it in the energy flow? Yes. Would I have ever chosen at a conscious level for this to happen?  I don't know. The bite is healing well without any sign of infection. Willis is currently in quarantine to make sure he does not have rabies, and after that will go to another location where he will be in a fenced yard. The experience has certainly served as a reminder that what is happening on Earth right now is too complex for me to be able to discern at a conscious level how I can be of service other than pay attention to what arises in the energy flow, moment to moment. 

In the meantime, the shift is happening. Hang in there. Stay grounded.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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