Great Shift Blog #33 On Living in the Moment and Unity Consciousness

Published: Fri, 09/08/17

Great Shift Blog #33 On Living in the Moment
and Unity Consciousness 
September 8, 2017

Dear fellow travelers,

I have been following with interest the reports of my wayshower friends who are breaking new ground in experiencing multidimensionality as humans in physical bodies and assisting others in this process. It seems that many now are experiencing expansive awareness of unity with their Higher Selves, perceptions of lower collective timelines dropping away, seeing multiple personal timelines and either jumping them with ease or being aware of living them simultaneously.

2017 has, and continues to be, a year of awesome influxes of solar and cosmic energies, yet my own experiences have been quite different from those reported by my wayshower Lightworker friends. As I reflect on these differences a statement on the masthead of the Friends Intelligencer, a nineteenth century Quaker journal, comes to mind: "In essentials unity, in nonessentials diversity, in all things tolerance."

In Essentials Unity. What I have in common with my wayshower friends is a continuous sense of connection to the unity of All that Is and Does. For me the continuous sense of this connection is relatively recent. Unity consciousness is another way to describe the individual experience of the sense of connection to the unity of all things.  Before I share more of my own experience of this I would like to offer a few observations on how I see unity consciousness relating to the Great Shift, as humanity and Mother Earth move to the next dimensional level:
  • The experience of unity consciousness is available to every one of the 7.4+ billion people alive on Earth today.
  • The individual experience of unity consciousness is unique to each individual ("in nonessentials diversity"). All ways of experiencing unity consciousness are equally valid.
  • At the individual incarnated soul level the timing and degree to which unity consciousness is experienced depends on a number of factors that include the soul's universe of origin (GS Blog #31, On the Great Shift on Earth and the Multiverse), the current stage of one's soul evolution (GS Blog #16, On Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Eternal Now), and the free will choices that a person makes that may speed or slow the process.
  • Heart centeredness facilitates the experience of unity consciousness (GS Blog #25, On Mind and Heart Intelligence) as does living in the moment.
  • The experience of unity consciousness can range from momentary to continuous. The validity of the experience does not depend upon duration. 
Living in the Moment and Unity Consciousness. As I approach 15 years of being on a conscious spiritual path perhaps the greatest surprise for me at this stage of my journey is the extent to which my day-to-day experience is focused on the physical plane interacting with people who do not share my understanding of multidimensional reality. In addition I find myself observing (with divine neutrality) the craziness that is taking place within the collective consensual reality within which the crumbling political, socioeconomic and religious institutions of old Earth are playing out a kind of theater of the absurd.

My own experience of unity consciousness does not involve clairvoyant or clairaudient high sense perception. My sense is that neither are necessary at this early stage of humanity's collective shift to unity consciousness. Speaking from my own experience, living in the present moment has been the key element in my experience of unity consciousness. What get's tricky is that living in the moment is necessary for, but not necessarily the same as, being in unity consciousness. 

Before my awakening in 2002 I had a knack for becoming so absorbed in what I was doing that thoughts of past and future ceased.  It was that ability that made it possible to spend most of my life working out of a home office, especially when our four children were small. Everyone has this capacity to become absorbed in the present moment.  Reading, theater, playing or watching sports, film, electronic media and video games all tend to keep one in the present moment.  In these instances there tends to be a narrowness of focus, whereas there is an expansiveness to living in the present moment with a sense of connection to the unity of all things.  

For the remainder of this blog I'd like to share some observations from my own experience of living in the moment with a sense of unity consciousness:
  • My heart is always open energetically.  I am not necessary always consciously aware of this, yet any time I tune in, which I am most likely to do when I am in challenging situations (GS Blog #32, On Being in the Energy Flow), I find it to be open.
  • My 4D life is very busy, so I often find myself making plans for or anticipating what may happen in the future (I find keeping an up-to-date calendar on my computer synced with my phone makes it easier to not dwell upon what is planned), yet I make all plans for the future with the understanding that they may change in a heartbeat. Those changes happen in the energies of the moment either through inner promptings or by paying attention to external signs and information.
  • Thoughts of the past may arise to be examined in the moment to determine whether they have relevance. Those that are relevant are reviewed and considered as long as they continue to be relevant.  Those thoughts of the past that are not relevant are dismissed from further consideration.
On August 14, a week before the solar eclipse I felt an interesting shift in my perception of my own energy field.  There are many ways the human energy field can be perceived--as an aura with chakras (the number and location depending of the perceiver's frame of reference), as a merkabah (which may be variously perceived as as a double tetrahedron, a sphere, or an oblate spheroid up to 55 feet in diameter) and/or a torus. For a number of years I have perceived my own energy field mainly as a feeling of openness in my heart and when incoming energies are particularly intense as a gentle pressure on the crown of my head. 

The shift I felt on August 14 was so startling that I am still finding words to describe what it feels like. I no longer feel any sense of boundaries between my energy field and everything around me, while at the same time I feel strongly grounded in the physical plane.  More specifically, I experience this feeling at a lateral expansiveness to my left and right and above and below my physical body.  This feeling of expansiveness/lack of boundaries extends to the farthest distance I am able to sense.  It is a lovely feeling. When I focus I can extend this feeling in all directions, yet the lateral sense of the expansiveness allows me to engage in day-to-day activities without the feeling of expansive being foremost in my awareness and possibly distracting

I have summarized a bit of what I've been hearing others report and shared my own experience not to offer benchmarks for others to compare themselves against, but to show how widely different (in nonessentials diversity) the details of the experience of unity consciousness can be. I encourage everyone to trust their own experience as more and more people make the shift from feeling "separate from" toward feeling "connected with." 

In the meantime, the shift is happening. Hang in there. Stay grounded.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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