Great Shift Blog #4 On the I and We Aspects of Oneness

Published: Sun, 10/26/14

Great Shift Blog #4 On the I and We Aspects of Oneness

Dear Fellow Travelers,

I'm getting this Blog out a bit later than I had hoped because I've been flattened this past month with vibrational flu.  All is Well and I am slowly getting my energy back.

Lately in my own life I've been feeling an increasing blending of the I and We aspects of Oneness.  The recent vibrational flu is a case in point.  I have a strong physical body with no serious chronic medical conditions.  I was knocked so flat I didn't have the energy for much more than sleep and tune in to the aches that seemed to emanate from every cell in my body and the incessant coughing, which I have long recognized as a very powerful physical expression of energetic release.  When I tuned in to the cells of my body I felt more We than I, with "my" cells being connected to traumas in the human collective experience that were ready to be released to make it easier for other humans (as distinct from the Other I will talk about later) to wake up and take ownership of the traumas that they have the responsibility and capacity to heal.

For the most part I am at ease with allowing the energies that I'm receiving and channeling for release to bypass my conscious mind.  This bout went on for so long, though, I was grateful when I received snippets of information as to the nature of the energies that no longer serve humanity that were flowing through me. Through it all when I tuned in to my chakras and energy field they felt strong, and though my physical body was laid low, I have felt no difficulty in sending loving energy into the many energetic grids that I feel connected to, asking only that it go wherever best supports Mother Earth, humanity and all other sentient Beings upon her.

The above provides a segue into what I had in mind to write before I was flattened.  It starts with an image of the cover to my Great Shift eBook:

The cover has three images of an energetic grid growing around the Earth with the completed grid in the center of the page.  This grid was completed energetically in December, 2012.  These are small versions of a remarkable diorama of the growing grid that was created by my dear Lightworker friend Sharrel Boike in 1987.  The text that goes with the image of the completed grid is this:

"I" becomes "We"
Must become "We" to continue.
Who it is that "We" might be we need not know.
Only trust that its "We" and prepare for the knowing.

Dear friends, it is time for those of us who understand and feel that the shift is in place energetically to move into the knowing of the We while honoring and living the unique I that we each bring to We.

I'll share a practice that I have developed to move into a knowing of We:

I don't read newspapers or watch commercial television, but I do subscribe to a number of email lists, mostly environmental and political, to keep abreast of what's happening in the 3D world.  There are so many that come in I only read those that I feel called to read, which usually relate to topics that I feel passionate about, like the harm that Monsanto and other biotech companies cause with GMO crops.  These are the issues where it is easy for me to fall into thinking of these folks as Other rather than aspects of Oneness who are still deeply caught up in the illusion of separation.  In this situation, and any time I catch myself viewing another person or organization as Other, I start by sending Unconditional Love to those I see as being harmed by the situation, which as I follow the energies invariably becomes a global grid.  Then I extend the grid of Unconditional Love to include those I perceive as causing the harm.  In this practice I initially saw the connections as an expanding Circle of Love.  Seeing the connections as a global grid, for me naturally expands to become a sphere of Unconditional Love with a specific focus that encompasses Mother Earth.  There is no reason to confine this practice to Mother Earth, though so far I haven't taken it further than that.

If this resonates, you are welcome to use or adapt it in any way that feels right.  If it doesn't resonate, that's fine, too.  If you have developed your own practice of this sort, I would love to hear about it.

In the meantime friends, stay grounded.  The Shift is happening. Hang in there.

Blessings, Love and Light,


PS My friend Sharrel, who I mention in this blog, is now focused on supporting her husband Joe's healing journey with throat cancer.  This is a courageous joint journey that is breaking new ground in blending what mainstream medicine has to offer and other healing modalities.  If you feel so moved, please send Joe and Sharrel in Bloomington, Indiana love and healing energy. Thanks.

PPS Thanks to those who gave me feedback on the previous Blog On Karmic and Non-Karmic Energies.  I will return to that topic in future Blogs.

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