Great Shift Blog #5 When Will the Shift Filter Down to the Physical?

Published: Sat, 11/15/14

Great Shift Blog #5  When Will the Shift Filter Down to the Physical?
November 15, 2014

Dear Fellow Travelers,

It is a well established principle of energy medicine that there may be a lag time of years before imbalances in a person's energy field are expressed at the physical level.  In terms of the energies of the planetary transformation that is underway with the Great Shift, all the higher dimensional sources that I have confidence in, and people I know who are in tune with the shifting energies, agree that the shift became fully anchored energetically around the end of 2012.  While it would be nice to see more dramatic evidence of this energetic shift at the physical level, it seems to be slow in coming.  While keeping open to the possibility of dramatic positive expressions of the the shift at the physical level in the near future, I'd like to address the question posed in the title of this blog: When will the shift filter down to the physical?.

Enclaves of the New Earth are Already Here. I have touched upon this in past Newsletters, but it bears repeating, and elaborating on: enclaves of the New Earth are already here (and have been throughout history).  These enclaves are scattered across the planet and new ones are being created in increasing numbers.  I am fortunate that my day-to-day life engages me in two such enclaves.  The first has a geographic base--Windgather Homestead, a 36-acre piece of paradise about five miles northeast of Bloomington Indiana that provides a locus for our closely knit four-generation family, with three of the generations living in three houses on the property.  The photograph above was taken from the window of our living room, looking south. I don't mean to imply that our family is free of tensions and misunderstandings, but love provides the glue that makes it possible to move through the bumps and ups and downs of human experience.

The other enclave I am fortunate to be part of is the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington with a membership that lives in multiple counties, and includes atheists, agnostics, and folks whose experience and practice encompass all the major spiritual traditions. The Church's mission statement says it all: Seeking the Spirit, building community, changing the world.  Again, it is love that provides the glue that holds this vibrant community together, which you can get a flavor of in the photograph below.

When Will the Shift be Fully Expressed? There is no precedent, at least in the part of the cosmos that we inhabit, for what is happening on Earth at this time Something new under the sun is happening as we humans make a dimensional shift with Mother Earth in our physical bodies instead of dying en masse and reincarnating at the next dimensional level (Chapters 6, 7, and 8 of my Great Shift eBook explain in more detail my understanding of this).  My short answer to the question above is that nobody knows.   

I see two major phases involved in full expression of the shift in the physical plane.  A milestone in the first phase will be when we no longer send nonviolent offenders to jail. Another will be when the incidence of sexual abuse of children drops to zero.  Another milestone will be abolition of the death penalty. My sense is that the first phase will be completed when we no longer kill each other in wars or any other situation.  If  pressed to give a time estimate for completion of the first phase I would say at least tens of years, but less than 100 years from now. In the second phase all humans will have woken up to their spiritual natures to the extent that we are ready to individually and collectively assume full responsibility for the harm we have done to each other and Mother Earth and joyfully engage in healing those wounds. 

In the meantime friends, stay grounded.  The Shift is happening. Hang in there.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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