Great Shift Blog #7 On Manifestation

Published: Wed, 01/28/15

Great Shift Blog #7
On Manifestation

January 28, 2015

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Lately I've seen and heard a fair amount about 2015 being the Year of Manifestation, and some folks I know report that their thoughts and wishes manifest quickly.  In this Blog I'd like to share my perspective on manifestation as a scientist and my experience with it.

A Scientist's Perspective on Manifestation. When I was in the early stages of developing my understanding of multidimensional reality I met weekly to talk over coffee with a scientist friend who was a dyed-in-wool materialist and empiricist.  We shared a common understanding of the scientific method that allowed us to communicate even though we approached science with fundamentally different worldviews.  After several years of discussion I had an epiphany as to why our worldviews were so different: my friend viewed consciousness as an emergent property of material reality whereas I viewed material reality as an emergent property of consciousness. For my friend, the mind could use the scientific method to develop a deeper understanding of the laws of physics, but could not modify those laws or the behavior of material reality without physical tools. However, if physical reality arises from consciousness, not only are our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, able to influence what happens around us, but events that defy the laws of material physics are possible.  The reported ability of Indian gurus to materialize physical objects out of thin air is entirely within my frame of reference.  Nevertheless, I sense that such actions create a strain on the fabric of physical reality in the third dimension/density when taken by someone who is lives in the physical plane. Consequently, such seemingly miraculous occurrences are rare.

Pros and Cons of Manifestation. I have not felt drawn to focus on manifesting things in my own spiritual journey.  One reason for this is that since my spiritual awakening in 2002 I have experienced things that were so far beyond my wildest imaginings, I am cautious about manifesting what I imagine might to be possible, because I wonder whether I might be precluding something even more wonderful from happening that I'm not yet able to imagine.  Another reason is that when I consciously dedicated my life to be of service to the highest good for Mother Earth and all Beings upon her, my own personal preferences for what might happen in my life no longer had the same kind of priority.  I regularly inform Spirit of my personal preferences in various aspects of my life.  If they do not manifest, I take it as an indication that a higher good in the service of others takes precedence.  Not everyone is called to this kind of service and valuable lessons can be learned from focusing on manifestation as part of a soul's journey of experience on Earth. I honor all spiritual paths and recognize that my experience may not be relevant to everyone reading this Blog. 

Manifestation and Money.  Money is one area in my life where I'd prefer things were different. I have many Lightworker friends in a similar situation, often more extreme than my own.  I'll share a bit about my experience with this here.  When my spiritual awakening took place in 2002 I realized I had a lot to learn about multidimensional realms. From my current vantage point I see that Spirit arranged for my main source of environmental consulting income to end, allowing me to focus my full attention on expanding my understanding of multidimensional reality.  When it was clear that our normal expenses far exceeded income I asked Spirit for a sign that I was on the right track, asking for $100 to come from an unexpected source.  A few days later I received a phone call from a doctor's office that I had not visited in several years saying that in going through their records they had found that I had overpaid a bill and they would send a refund.  The refund was a little more than $100. With that confirmation we lived mostly on savings for about five years until they were gone.

For the last several years we've gone from month to month not quite sure where the money to pay the bills that my Social Security check doesn't cover will come from, yet the bills get paid.  In the course of learning how to live with this uncertainty I've cleared subtle energetic blockages that can contribute to creating scarcity, the main ones being vows of poverty in other lifetimes and feelings of not being worthy.  There is no place for these energies in the New Earth.  I have also made a conscious practice of viewing money as energy, and allowing what money comes in to be spent without going into a frame of mind that it is scarce, and sharing at least some of what comes in with others. Well, having said that, I have to acknowledge that this practice is an ongoing journey, and I sometimes slip into feelings of discomfort with the ongoing uncertainty where the money will come from to pay next month's bills.  When I catch myself feeling this way, I breath deeply, and relax again into the Divine Flow that ensures the bills will be paid when the time comes.

Manifesting the Small Things.  Finding parking places is one thing I don't hesitate to manifest when I'm heading into town because free parking places have become scarce since parking meters were placed in downtown Bloomington.  There has to be some Divine humor at work with this though.  Since preparing for this Blog inspired me to test my  manifesting ability, I'm one for three in finding a parking space in the lot at the public library. The upside of this is that going down and up four flights of stairs at the nearest parking garage (which allows three hours of free parking) and walking to the library and back is good exercise!     

In the meantime friends, stay grounded.  The Shift is happening. Hang in there.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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