Great Shift Blog #3 On Karmic and Non-Karmic Energies

Published: Mon, 09/15/14

Great Shift Blog #3
On Karmic and Non-Karmic Energies

Dear Fellow Travelers,

In this blog I'd like to share some perspectives on karma arising from experiences in my own healing journey toward wholeness.   The ideas of karma and reincarnation were not part of my frame of reference growing up as a Quaker or as a geologist. It was with astonishment that after my spiritual awakening experience in 2002 healing the traumas of incarnational experience became a significant aspect of my spiritual journey.  
There are many ways of understanding karma as part of our experience as multidimensional beings.  I'm offering my perspective because its a bit different from the perspective that I've encountered in historic religious and spiritual traditions which tend to speak of "good" and "bad" karma and view incarnational experience as sequential. Key features of my understanding include the following (this discussion focuses on individual relationships, but can be extended to group relationships):
  • Our incarnational experience is simultaneous, not sequential, and we have access to all lifetimes of experience through our multidimensional DNA at a cellular level which creates energetic connections between all incarnations.
  • Rather than characterizing karma as "good" or "bad," I find it useful to distinguish between traumatic and blissfull karmic energies that are created by our interactions with other incarnated souls and with Mother Earth.
  • Traumatic karma arises when we play the game of forgetting that we are all aspects of Oneness and end up hurting others.  This energetic connection is solidified when the person hurt responds in like manner and the victim-victimizer relationship (to name one type of traumatic karma) continues until one or both reach a level of energetic awareness to break the pattern through love and forgiveness.
  • Bllissful karma arises from incarnational relationships grounded in reciprocal unconditional love.
  • When engaged in incarnational healing, it is easy to get a skewed picture of one's incarnational experience because it is the traumatic lifetimes that most require healing.
  • Traumatic and blissful karma energies represent a spectrum, with karmic energies created by incarnational relationships in a given lifetime tending to fall somewhere on the spectrum.
  • Non-karmic trauma can arise when a soul incarnates for the purpose of serving others and the lifetime ends badly through no fault of the person's actions.  The herbal healer who gets burned as a witch experiences non-karmic trauma.
  • Karmic and non-karmic trauma leave an energetic imprint that can manifest as physical or emotional dysfunctions in our current incarnation. Specific physical problems may have multiple energetic layers as a result of trauma to the same part of the body through multiple lifetimes.
  • Some souls as part of their service to Mother Earth agree to take on part of the traumas she has experienced into their energies fields to be released when the time is right.  I haven't seen this written about anywhere else, but releasing such trauma has been part of my healing journey, and I have worked with others to help release this kind of trauma.
  • A soul's karmic and non-karmic energies can be locational (connected to a location on Earth) as well as relational (connected to another soul or souls).
  • The human and planetary transformation that is underway provides exceptional opportunities for karmic and non-karmic incarnational healing.
After several years of feeling like I didn't have much new to say, so many, diverse topics are coming to me that I could  say something about I'm having a hard time choosing.  At the same time, I would like to be responsive to the interests of those who are reading this blog. I welcome feedback (if you received this as an email, you can reply to it, or you can use my email at the bottom of the page).

I'll stop here for now.  If anyone would like me to expand on any of the points I've touched on above (or any other topic), let me know.

In the meantime friends, stay grounded.  The Shift
is happening. Hang in there.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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