Great Shift Blog # 12 On Being Careful Where and How We Focus Our Energy

Published: Thu, 12/17/15

Great Shift Blog #12
On Being Careful Where and How We Focus Our Energy
December 17, 2015

Dear Fellow Travelers,

The Game of Duality, as it is playing out on Earth right now, has not be a focus for me for a number of years, so it has come as a surprise that Spirit has been bringing many aspects of it to my attention lately. In connection with this, I've been rereading some of the material in my Great Shift ebook in preparation for bringing out a second edition.  For the most part I find that what I have written holds up pretty well in the context of my current understanding of multidimensional reality, but I had forgotten how engaged I was in the Game at the time I wrote it. Chapter 6 (Section 6.2, The Game of Duality) and Appendix C (Section C.1, Taking Care How We align Our Thoughts and Focus Our Attention, and Section C.2, The Loyal Opposition on Planet Earth) still feel to me to have relevance to the latest disclosures related to the activities of those on Earth who don't have the best interests of humanity and Mother Earth at heart (these can be downloaded using this link:

As a concluding message for this year, I would like to offer a few brief observations and suggestions:
  • Higher dimensional sources I find to be reliable by the criteria I use for evaluating such information continue to agree that energetically the Great Shift happened around the end of 2012.
  • There is no longer any underlying energetic support for the dysfunctional 3D social, political, economic and religious institutions that have oppressed humanity for the last 10,000 years or so.
  • We, humanity, collectively retain primary responsibility for dismantling and transforming these institutions, though there is abundant assistance available from higher dimensional exopolitical and spiritual sources.
  • To the extent that we as individuals react with fear, anger and/or hopelessness to the violence and injustices that are perpetuated by these institutions and the individuals who appear to control them, we give energy to them and slow their dissolution.
  • Conversely, when we are able to respond with compassion and love to both the victims and direct perpetrators of violence, and with love and forgiveness to those who have controlled and manipulated people and institutional structures for their own purposes, we speed the dissolution of the old structures and provide energetic support for their positive transformation.
In the meantime friends, stay grounded.  The Shift is happening. Hang in there.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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