Great Shift Blog #13 On Keeping a Flexible Frame of Reference

Published: Fri, 01/15/16

Great Shift Blog #13
On Keeping a Flexible Frame of Reference

Dear Fellow Travelers

I have friends who refer to belief systems as BS, and I see a wry cosmic humor in the double entendre that allows both a scatological (bull shit) and academic interpretation (i.e. Bachelor of Science--the first degree received in "higher education"). I find that the term frame of reference better captures my approach to understanding the nature of multidimensional reality (see Section 2.3--A Geologist's Approach to Understanding a Larger Reality--in Chapter 2 of my Great Shift book for a more detailed description of this approach).  Belief systems and conceptions of reality (COR--an acronym also with a double entendre; cor is a cockney expression for which there is uncertainty as to whether it means God or God Damn) tend to be resistant to change, requiring information or some sort of experience that cannot be dismissed within the frame of reference defined by a BS or COR. Frames of reference, on the other hand, can be readily modified by changing the position of the frame (shifting to a different frame of reference) or expanding the frame to include a larger perspective. 

With the huge energetic shifts that have taken place in the last three years, which give no indication of changing in intensity this year, my sense is that it has become more important than ever to be flexible in how we evaluate our experiences, what we observe happening around us and be ready to shift/expand our frames of reference. To this end I'd like to share some ways I use to maintain flexibility in my own frame of reference:
  • I constantly remind myself that my understanding of multidimensional reality is a map that I have created, not the territory itself.
  • When I consider information from higher dimensional sources, and scientific and spiritual teachings that arise from human sources, I remind myself that it is defined/created by the point of view of the source and hence a partial representation of a larger picture.
  • As my own understanding of multidimensional reality grows, I remain cognizant that it still remains a small piece of an unimaginably larger picture.
  • I especially appreciate information that does not readily fit into my map of the territory. Carefully considering it provides an excellent opportunity to expand my understanding.
  • I test all information against my inner knowing, recognizing that information that does not resonate or feel particularly helpful for my own spiritual journey at a given point in time may be deeply resonant and helpful to someone else. 
  • I make room in my frame of reference for other well-defined frames of reference, while at the same time respecting the choices of others to stay within a particular frame of reference.
  • The parts of my map of the territory in which I have most confidence are those that have commonality with multiple frames of reference.
In the meantime friends, stay grounded.  The Shift is happening. Hang in there.

Blessings, Love and Light,


PS As I mentioned in my last Blog I am currently working on revising and updating my Great Shift eBook. I welcome feedback and suggestions from those who have read the version that is currently available on my website.

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