Great Shift Blog #9 On Living in 4D

Published: Thu, 05/28/15

Great Shift Blog #9
On Living in 4D
May 28, 2015

Dear Fellow Travelers

Lately I've felt like a juggler with so may balls in the air I'm not even sure how many are there. Most relate to my life in the physical plane: family, homestead, friends, church 
community, environmental projects (three at the present time), editing a four-volume anthology focused on my mother, Elise Boulding to commemorate her 95th birthday this year.  It would be easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of things going on my life (all good!), and the way I handle it without feeling over-stressed is to focus on whichever ball that I'm juggling lands in my hand in the moments that it is there.  Imagine my surprise when a ball that said, Send out a Great Shift Blog, appeared in my hand this morning! 

As I've said more than once, there are many ways of understanding multidimensional reality. Perhaps it is my Quaker upbringing, which emphasized the value of simplicity,
that I still remain partial to the 7-dimensional/density model presented in Chapter 7 of my Great Shift ebook. In my understanding most of humanity is moving to fourth density, a heart-centered existence at this stage in our evolution of consciousness.  There have always been pockets of fourth density energy through even the darkest times of recent human history. In the later half of the twentieth century Anchoring Lightworkers created a base frequency that Activist Lightworkers built upon to create the timeline shift that happened around 1987 which was fully anchored in place around 2012. I was born into a family of Anchoring Lightworkers and the Quaker community I grew up in had a primarily fourth-density energy.

I became an Activist Lightworker at the time of my spiritual awakening in 2002, and the journey was certainly turbulent for the next ten years or so.  I find it interesting that in my own life I seem to have come full circle and lately it feels like I have again become an Anchoring Lightworker.  Perhaps it would be more accurate to say I have come full spiral, because though my outward life remains very similar to what it was like before 2002, it isn't. The intensity of the incoming energies supporting the Great Shift planet-wide never seem to let up, so I have have a sense of being active 24/7 at an energetic level, but my conscious focus on things multidimensional has tended to stay on the back burner.

I honor, appreciate and support as I'm able my friends who are Activist Lightworkers, who continue to experience challenging life situations for which there is no strictly karmic reason for them to experience (see Blog #3 On Karmic and Non-Karmic Energies). By moving through the challenges with grace and beauty I see tremendous positive energy being created that makes it easier for others to move through similar situations more easily. I also have Activist Lightworker friends who are pushing the envelope of what it means to a multidimensional human in a physical body. I bow with respect and appreciation to them, and everyone who reads this.  Wherever we are, whatever our situations, my sense is that we are all making a positive difference, even when it may not be clearly so. 

In the meantime friends, stay grounded.  The Shift is happening. Hang in there. I'll be back with more the next time this blog ends up as the juggling ball of the moment!

Blessings, Love and Light,


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