Great Shift Blog #10 On Physical and Energetic Healing

Published: Mon, 07/27/15

Great Shift Blog #10
On Physical and Energetic Healing
July 27, 2015

Dear Fellow Travelers,

My main conscious focus these days continues to be on activities in the physical plane, and to the extent that I engage in energy healing work it has a planetary focus (for folks who don't also receive my Earth Energy Healing Newsletter,my latest one describes a bit about that:  I do on occasion work with individuals and Spirit threw me a bit of a curve ball today with a prompting to write about today's topic.

My work as an energy healer focuses on identifying and helping release the energetic underpinnings of emotional and physical issues that a person may be experiencing.  Physical traumas experienced in multiple lifetimes leave an energetic imprint that makes the physical body prone to traumas to the same part of the body in subsequent lifetimes, so a particular physical problem may have multiple energetic layers to be released to fully address its energetic basis.  Once the energetic foundation has been removed there may be a lag time for the physical healing to happen, though it's always nice when an immediate effect is seen.  

In my observation there are situations where physical healing is not part of the energy flow for a person's life and that merits consideration when seeking out an energy healer to address physical issues. Examples include:

-- A physical challenge has been chosen prior to incarnating for the experiences and lessons it has to offer for an individual's soul journey.
-- At a higher level an individual may choose Incapacitating illness and death to provide loved ones close to them opportunities for spiritual growth and healing.
-- Individuals whose spiritual work in a lifetime is completed may die at an age that appears to be premature to those of us left behind. In the cases that I am familiar with they continue to serve humanity and Mother Earth from a higher dimensional level. 

In the last decade I've seen a wonderful increase in the number of energy healing modalities. They share common underpinnings with many variations. My advice to anyone seeking assistance from an energy practitioner is to check out the ones with which you feel the most resonance.  Pay attention to the clues the Spirit offers and trust your own intuition/inner knowing.

In Great Shift Blog #3 On Karmic and Non-Karmic Energies I describe two types of non-karmic trauma that can be held in one's energy field:

-- Non-karmic trauma can arise when a soul incarnates for the purpose of serving others and the lifetime ends badly through no fault of the person's actions.  The herbal healer who gets burned as a witch experiences non-karmic trauma.
-- Some souls as part of their service to Mother Earth agree to take on part of the traumas she has experienced into their energies fields to be released when the time is right.  I haven't seen this written about anywhere else, but releasing such trauma has been part of my healing journey.

My work with others to help release non-karmic trauma, which may not be sensed in the context of more widely practice energy healing methods, has led to something I call Old Soul Incarnational and Incarnational Earth Healing (IEH). 

In the meantime friends, stay grounded.  The Shift is happening. Hang in there.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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