Great Shift Blog #11 On Coexisting and Overlapping Consensual Realities

Published: Mon, 08/31/15

Great Shift Blog #11 
On Coexisting and Overlapping Consensual Realities
August 31, 2015

Dear Fellow Travelers,

One of the things that makes Earth such an interesting place as the Great Shift proceeds is that I see multiple consensual realities coexisting in the same time and space. In this Blog I'd like to share the perspective I've developed on the relationship between the personal realities that we create (the I aspect of Oneness) and consensual realities which represent a common ground for experiencing life of Earth (a partial reflection of the We aspect of Oneness--see Great Shift Blog #4 for more on the I and We Aspects of Oneness). I'll also describe some of the consensual realities that I see functioning on Earth at this time, and my sense of where they might be going.  

Personal and Consensual Realities. The realities that we create as individuals are unique and usually result from a complex combination of experiences in multiple lifetimes, and the consequence of conscious and unconscious choices that we make before and during this lifetime. Consensual reality is a collectively agreed upon frame of reference for individual realities to interact. Consensual reality tends to be created at a superconscious level beyond the conscious awareness of most individuals, though I have observed the emergence of groups of individuals who participate in the creation of consensual reality in a conscious way.  

Consensual realities overlap to the extent that individuals tune in to, or feel resonance with more than one consensual reality.  We give energy to where we focus our attention, so the more we focus on a particular consensual reality the more our individual experience is informed by that reality. In my own spiritual journey I have found that different consensual realities have been more or less prominent in different stages of the journey.

In Great Shift Blog #3 (On Inhabiting Multiple Energetic Realities) I say a bit about how third, fourth and fifth dimensional realities are intermingling on Earth at this time. In my experience and observation some consensual realities provide a common ground for different dimensions/densities to interact (have a wide energetic/vibrational spread) while others tend to center on a particular dimension/density.  In the next section I note the typical energetic spread that I see within the different consensual realities I discuss (note that I use a 7D model of multidimensional reality, as described in Chapter 6 of my ebook; there are many other dimensional frames of reference, all "true" as far as I'm concerned-- the main thing is to be aware of the system you are using).  I'm sure there are exceptions and others might rate them differently. Consensual realities also differ in the the number of individuals who tune in to them.  

A Potpourri of Consensual Realties.Here are some consensual realities that I have had experience with.  There are certainly many others that could be identified and the energetic ratings I given are by no means precise:

-- Mainstream media and positive alternative media-based realities (3D-4D) probably encompass the large majority of the 7.3+ billion people alive on Earth now. My sense is that the folks who tune in mostly to the 3D media, which provide a deliberately distorted view to make things look worse than they really are and keep people feeling powerless and fearful, are the ones most readers of this Blog are here to support in one way or another. Nowadays I tend to focus more on the 4D reality that acknowledges there is violence and injustice but focuses on the positive things people are doing to changes things for the better.  My favorite source that focuses on this is Yes! magazine.

-- Mainstream science and frontier science-based realities​ (3D-4D) are of special interest to me as a scientist.  For the most part I've observed a disconnect between the two (perhaps the subject of a different blog).  In Chapters 2 and 3 of my eBook I describe some of the convergences that I see between mainstream science and a spiritual/multi-dimensional view of reality.

-- Secret Shadow Government (SSG), catastrophist, and time-line-split-based realities (3D-4D) seem to be alive an well at this stage of the Shift.  Appendix C of my ebook offers my perspective on these consensual realities.  I generally don't focus much attention on them, but know that there are many good-hearted people who do. 

-- Starseed-based realities (3D-5D+) have a large energetic spread ranging from the 3D+ mischievous ETs who work with the SSG to the 4 and 5D+ beneficial ETS who respect our free will by not making their presence known widely until humanity is collectively ready to respond without fear or seeing ETs as relieving us of being responsible for healing the mess we have made of our beautiful planet. The beneficial ETs tend to communicate to wider audiences via channeled messages. In one sense we are all Starseeds, yet I see more and more people waking up to the strong connections they have with off-planet energies.  I recently added at section to the Soul Origins page of my website that offers suggestions for folks who are awakening to their Off-Planet Connections.

-- Heart-centered physically-based reality (4D) is becoming more widespread. As I share in Blog #9  (On Living in 4D) this is where I seem to spending most of my time these days. At this stage of my journey I find that this is a comfortable middle-ground for maintaining a degree of connection with all the realities I describe here. 

-- Ascension and esoteric-based realities (4D-5D+) were very important in the earlier stages of my own journey after awakening in 2002 and Lightworkers of my generation (born post WWII) who woke up these realities early were the ones who did the heavy energetic lifting that led to the timeline shift around the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. I am deeply grateful to everyone who feels resonance with these realities, especially those who actively assisted in creating the timeline shift and for those who continue to lead the way in finding new ways to be human in a physical body.  

Where Might Our Consensual Realities Be Heading? My sense is that all the consensual realities described above and others coexist on Earth at this time and overlap to the degree that people incorporate more than one into their personal reality. All of the consensual realities  I've described above are part of my own personal reality.  Where are we heading?  To paraphrase Kryon (through Lee Carrol), we cannot know the future because we are laying the track as we go. I don't hold too tightly to any vision of the future (what is possible that I don't have the imagination yet to imagine?). Nevertheless I feel it is good to imagine the future we would like to inhabit and I'd like to conclude with an excerpt that describes my own vision the New Earth which could emerge from a gradual dropping away of the 3D/dualistic aspects of and blending of multiple consensual realities: 

6.3.3 An Explosion of Human Diversity into 100,000 Societies.


I envision this planetary cultural diversity as being free of the negative aspects that sometimes accompany tribalism and ethnicity.  In the future, suspicion and non-acceptance of those who are not a member of the group will cease, as will oppressive demands for conformity within the group.  We will have the freedom to choose our cultural identity, with the advantage of knowing when, where and how we can best accomplish this through our connection to the collective human consciousness that knows what is best for us as individuals and all of humanity.  But best of all, we will not have to change our sense of cultural identity to experience other ways of living.  The “stranger” will always be welcomed wherever he or she goes.  Do you live in the city and feel a yen to experience some country living?  You would be welcomed as a helper at planting or harvest time at any number of locations around the planet that supply the food you eat.  Are you curious about what it is like to live as a desert nomad?  You would be welcomed as an honored guest in exchange for telling stories to the nomad's children about what it is like to live in your cultural tradition.

Part of our task as participants in the Great Shift is learning to make technology serve humanity rather than be its master.  There will be no need for fast food restaurants because we will no longer be in a rush.  Technology will be used as a means to increase leisure rather than be a tyrant that requires us to accomplish more and more during an eight to ten-hour work day.  If we are attracted to computers they will be used as an outlet for creativity rather than a dulling of the senses through keyboarding data that has no meaning to the person entering the data.  If we are not attracted to computers we can express our creativity in any number of other ways.

Technology will be benign in its effects on human health and planet Earth as a whole.  The ecological problems resulting from the extraction, conversion and use of coal, uranium, oil and gas — scarring of the Earth, water and air pollution — will cease when we start using technology that we already have but aren't using, along with other technologies that mainstream science says is improbable.  The production of toxic chemicals will cease as scientists develop processes that eliminate their need or develop harmless substitutes.

This is already happening, but I foresee that people will, in steadily increasing numbers, be drawn to participate in a grand project of global ecological restoration.  The consciousness of Mother Earth and local elemental spirits will guide us in determining the amount and location of land and water to preserve in order to enhance the balance and biodiversity of our planet.  When this requires populations of humans to move, we will relocate willingly because we will know through our connection to the collective human consciousness that our move will help heal damage done to the planet for which we all hold some responsibility.  We will also experience the added anticipation of the creative possibilities opened up for us by moving to a new location.  There will be no forced relocations in which we are told to move to a specific place.  We will be free to choose among many possibilities.

6.3.4 Imagine Your Own Possibilities.

I have shared my own vision of a possible future where health and wholeness for ourselves, for all of humanity and for the planet are the norm, but it is only one of many possible positive futures.  It is entirely possible, perhaps likely, that each of us will experience the Shift in our own way.  Imagine life free of fear and limitation, free of physical and emotional problems.  Release the fetters that bind your mind into perceiving yourself as having limited physical or mental abilities.  Does watching sports give you vicarious pleasure?  Have you wondered what it would be like to experience the “zone” described by star athletes when all their senses are heightened and time slows down, allowing the athlete to make a spectacular play.  Anyone willing to devote the focus for developing the skill could be such an athlete in the future.  The only spectators to sports after the transformation will be those whose own passion lies elsewhere, but who find pleasure in seeing others play out their passion for physical excellence.  Where does your passion lie?  Before reading any further I invite you to set this book aside and spend fifteen minutes or more imagining what you would like to be different for yourself, those you love, all of humanity, and the rest of life on planet Earth.
In the meantime friends, stay grounded.  The Shift is happening. Hang in there.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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