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Nifty New Neutral Stands

Published: Tue, 01/30/24

Nifty New Neutral Stands Nifty New Neutrals Usually my major stand restock is in the summer, but I had a chance to acquire a stack of snazzy new…

Fused Glass Snowflakes and Stars - Tutorial

Published: Mon, 12/11/23

3 Fused Glass Jewelry tutorials December holidays aren't my favorite. There, now you know a thing about me. I find the holidays make everyone more…

Fused Glow Ghost Jewelry Tutorial

Published: Fri, 09/29/23

Fused Glow Ghost Jewelry Tutorial Fused Glow Ghost Jewelry Float (window) glass is e cellent for making jewelry, it’s readily available and is a blank…

Glass Art Tools from Michaels

Published: Thu, 09/07/23

Glass Art Tools from Michael's Glass Tools from Michaels Another fun stroll through a store looking for glass tools! This time Michaels (a craft store…

Glass Art Tools from the Dollar Store

Published: Thu, 08/24/23

In Person Workshops and Classes for 2023 Glass Tools from the Dollar Store I thought I'd kick off a few weeks of TOOL articles, starting with this one…

Wine Bottle Garden Lights - Tutorial

Published: Thu, 08/10/23

Wine Bottle Garden Lights Wine Bottle Garden lanterns We made these in our beginning fusing class and they turned out SO CUTE! This tutorial shows you…

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