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Fuse and Fold Animal Tutorials

Published: Tue, 08/16/22

Fuse and Fold Animal Tutorials & Summer Stand Sale Fuse and Fold Animal (and other things) Tutorials Fuse and Fold is a technique of fusing animals…

Summer Stand Sale

Published: Fri, 08/05/22

Summer Stand Sale We are on holiday August 5 - 10, shipping will resume August 11. Thank you for your patience! While we are taking a much needed…

Summer Stand Sale

Published: Mon, 08/01/22

Summer Stand Sale Summer Stand Sale Red hot summer prices on stands, we just added 20 designs to the Sale page, check them out! Stock up early for…

The Beauty of Fusing Without Color

Published: Fri, 07/15/22

Fusing clear glass with beautiful results When I began fusing glass, window (float) glass was what was on the menu. In some ways I think the challenge…

Gold and Palladium Lusters on Bottle Glass

Published: Fri, 07/08/22

Gold and Palladium lusters on bottle glass Gold & Palladium Luster on Bottle Glass Lusters are a ceramic product used to add precious metal accents to…

Fused Glass Bird Online class starts TODAY

Published: Mon, 06/20/22

Glass Art Symposium Class TODAY Tutorials Shop Home Fused Glass Birds video class - TODAY - 9 a.m. FREE Fused glass birds class with an eye to…

Time Lapse Glass fusing videos

Published: Tue, 06/14/22

Time lapse videos of Glass Fusing Processes Time Lapse Glass Videos Recently we made a little quartz window for a hot bo kiln and were able to film…

2 Father's Day Bottle Fusing Projects

Published: Thu, 06/02/22

2 Father's Day Bottle Fusing Projects Wine Bottle Drinking Glasses These were my dad's favorite, I made quite a few for his kitchen over the years, he…

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