Converting Cold Traffic is Easy when you know how, answer inside.

Published: Fri, 09/28/18

Hey Again Pete here,

With over 1.3 Billion groups just sitting there covering
any and all Niches possible.

All you need is a short compelling video...

Compelling? How do you do that?

See my strategy Report and Tutorial Video
Just $1.

In this strategy and tutorial report I show you exactly
how to create videos that will give you the maximum opportunity
to generate sales or collect leads,

as many as you like......

Plus So much more.

Did you know FB is full of community groups in your small
business clients location, where you can promote any of those
high ticket small biz that pay big bucks for leads.

Water Damage, Security, Dental, wedding dresses, the list goes on.

Community groups are great, because they already have offers coming
through them. The Best thing is When you promote, your Offer
will actually stand out from the rest and actually convert :)
If you follow the strategy report included in the membership.

Try it now, type in facebook, community [your location]
then click on the "Groups" Tab to see how many there are,
you'll be amazed like I was.

e.g. community gold coast
reveals literally more groups than I can scroll through,
100's and 100's possibly 1000's.

Create a short 1 min video, give something away and generate
leads, it's as simple as that. While at the same time
building a "Laser Targeted Custom Audience" Boom!
Further reducing your FB Ad budget and TIME.
All this for $1 :)