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The Game Of Life

Published: Wed, 02/28/24

Today is notable on many levels. First, we have the triple conjunction of sun, Mercury and Saturn in Pisces @ 9 degrees. I'm particularly interested…

Faith Pays Off & Avoiding The Karma Ball

Published: Mon, 02/26/24

The moon in Virgo opposed the stellium in Pisces over the weekend, possibly creating stress between you and them. The Venus Mars conjunction in…

Faith Pays Off As Fears Dissolve

Published: Sat, 02/24/24

This last week was fraught but as the lights turn up under the full moon, I'm seeing things working out for the best. I'm also seeing fears…

The Land Of Inevitable

Published: Fri, 02/23/24

The planets are clustered into just three signs at this time. I noted this phenomena was on it's way, last year; Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus…

"So Be It", Says, Leo!

Published: Thu, 02/22/24

The Leo moon will square Jupiter in Taurus today, as it opposes Venus and Mars in Aquarius. I wound up working in yard, yesterday. I realized these…

High Voltage Day

Published: Wed, 02/21/24

The moon will ingress into Leo, shortly. It will oppose Venus, Mars and Pluto in Aquarius. Jupiter in Taurus is part of this as well. I am hoping this…

Sensitivity, Suffering & Callousness

Published: Tue, 02/20/24

The Venus, Mars, Pluto conjunction has e pressed in vicious ways, rather than innovative or empowered action. The moon in Cancer along with planets in…

A Veritable Buffet For The Moon In Gemini

Published: Sat, 02/17/24

The Gemini moon plays well with the large stellium in Aquarius this weekend. Planets in Taurus do the same with planets in Pisces. It's a good…

Intricate Social Operations & Crazy Timing

Published: Thu, 02/15/24

Moon Jupiter in Taurus squares Mercury in Aquarius today. How you feel may not jibe with what you know. The fact that Jupiter buoys the moon suggests…

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