How Long Will Your Good (Or Bad) Luck Last?

Published: Mon, 04/25/16

I used to live in the middle of the desert. I didn’t necessarily want to be alone, but being free and independent was a lot more important to me than having a partner. 

I didn’t want to be hindered in any way. I didn’t want my work interfered with. I wanted to read and study to satisfy my various curiosities, and I didn’t want to be bothered. 

My Venus had progressed into Virgo at that time. That’s a placement that represents an “unmarried woman,” so we’re talking textbook astrology here.
I had spent most of my life saying no to men and then I woke up one day and realized that I had changed. I hadn’t necessarily matured, I’d just changed.

Relationships became important to me and the next thing I knew, I was moving to the city to look for a man!

Astrologically, what happened was my Venus progressed from Virgo to Libra. Venus (what you value) in Libra (relationships) wants to partner, for sure! 

Venus only changes signs by progression approximately every 30 years so this was an huge shift.
If you’re getting started in astrology, progressions are hard to grasp.  But it’s worth looking into progressions and I’ll tell you why.

Astrology shows us that some changes in your life are fleeting. For example, Mars goes retrograde every two years. Mars will really heat up a sector of your life during this six month period. There will be a lot of activity in the house that Mars is transiting. Once Mars moves on, things calm down. 

In contrast, astrology shows us that other shifts in your life are long lasting. Progressions show you when changes are here to stay, or at least here to stay for a very long while. 

Currently, I have progressed Mars in his home sign (Scorpio) and progressed Venus in her home sign (Libra). This is a great fortune because planets function very well in their home signs. 
Knowing you have a gift like this is an even greater fortune. 

Knowing you will have this gift for decades is the best of all.

Now it’s true, you can have something nasty set up in your Progressed chart. But if so, it’s still good to know. The last thing you want to do is wake up every day with the hope and expectation that something is going to clear, when the influence is going to be around for a number of years.

If you want to see whether your good or bad luck is fleeting or here to stay, check out my detailed Progressed Chart report. If you factor out the mentions of the Moon, which progresses fairly quickly, everything else you read will be in effect for a long time. 

Have a great day,