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Published: Sun, 07/10/16

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Transform negative thoughts
A powerful process
Transforming Negative Thoughts
In working with my clients it is more about the thoughts they put in their heads than the food they put in their mouths.

Say what?

Yes, of course eating right for your body type is the best, most effective weight loss program on the planet!!  But, at the same time we have to work on changing our thoughts or it could be challenging to maintain long term.

We can be so hard on ourselves, and when struggling with overeating, or eating unhealthy foods there is a lot of negative self talk to the point of self loathing or self hatred.

Louise Hay writes in her book, You Can Heal Your Life. "There is only one thing I ever work on with anyone and this is loving the self. Love is the miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives."

I grew up with a lot of criticism, and I developed a pattern to constantly criticize myself and spiral into worry and despair.
A powerful, transformational process
 Here's an email conversation I had with my awesome business coach Clint Best about 2 1/2 yeas ago.

"Did I tell you that I tend to worry way too much? Bad habit this yoga teacher has!  Biking, skiing and worrying /stressing are some of the things I do well."

"I think you’re right, it is a habit, and you can change a habit. Do you want to be a “worrier”? Or would you like to be something different? What kind of a person doesn’t worry?"

"A person that is self confident, relaxed and has complete trust that the universe always brings her exactly what she needs, exactly when she needs it."

Beautifully put girl! Write that down and put it on your bathroom mirror.

“I am a self-confident, relaxed person who has complete trust that the universe always brings me exactly what I need, when I need it.”

"You're good!

And so I did write it down and put it in front of my computer, where I spend a good part of each day, and I slowly learned to transform my negative thought pattern into a positive one.  Now I help my clients do the same.

You can also use the same exercise.

What negative thoughts are you telling yourself?

How can you flip that around into a positive statement and  turn it into your mantra. Turn your self criticism into self love. Give it a try. It is an extremely powerful, life transforming exercise. 
I've tried many years to get some of my weight to come off. Moving from a competitive athlete who trained 6 days a week, to a university student for 8 years, to a busy working mom wasn't kind to my body.

Sue-Anne helped me to realize that some slight changes to my eating habits, based on my body type, would make a huge difference, and it really did. No gimmicks or gadgets, just eating right for my body type! I lost 20 pounds! Thank you!
Katie B.

To your natural health!

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