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Thank you!

Published: Wed, 10/23/19

Dear ,Thank you for being a loyal subscriber and fan of the Healthy Moms Magazine. I learned a lot over the past twelve years. I met some wonderful…

Postpartum is Forever

Published: Fri, 09/27/19

Postpartum is Forever Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards September 26, 2019 When I had a baby, I e pected my body to bounce back immediately. It didn’t. I e…

Please Help Us Get Back Online

Published: Tue, 09/24/19

We are honored to have you as a loyal subscriber, follower and fan. The Healthy Moms Magazine has been online for twelve years. We work hard to…

We Need Your Help

Published: Mon, 09/23/19

Dear ,The Healthy Moms Magazine needs your help. As a loyal subscriber we know that you value our mission to educate middle class American moms on how…

Mindfulness for Back-to-School Anxiety

Published: Fri, 08/30/19

Mindfulness for Back-to-School An iety Julie Potiker August 21, 2019 From summertime FOMO (fear of missing out) as they saw social media posts with…

Got Back to School Stress?

Published: Fri, 08/23/19

Got Back to School Stress? Try this Miracle-Minded Practice John J. Murphy August 21, 2019 You turn on the daily news and hear about a violent school…

Why Do Parents Forget Their Infants in Cars?

Published: Fri, 08/02/19

Why Do Parents Forget Their Infants in Cars? Dr. Karl Neumann August 2, 2019 New York. July 31, 2019. It happened again. A father, a social worker,…

How to Achieve a Balanced Diet

Published: Fri, 07/19/19

How to Achieve a Balanced Diet Susan Bowerman March 4, 2019 Registered dietitian, Susan Bowerman, offers seven must-haves for a well-balanced diet to…

Healthy Hydration Hacks

Published: Fri, 07/12/19

Healthy Hydration Hacks Susan Bowerman July 1, 2019 (In the case of most adults, water makes up 60-70% of our body weight. Drinking water is vital for…

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