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Published: Wed, 02/01/23

February 1, 2023 NATURAL IMMUNITY EXONERATEDBy David Christopher, MH The mainstream media was quick to compare the 2020 pandemic to the horrific 1918…

Acute Injury Response

Published: Wed, 01/25/23

January 25, 2023 Acute Injury ResponseBy Tara Christopher Eyre, MH How do you respond to acute injury? What is your first go-to when something happens…


Published: Wed, 01/18/23

January 18, 2023 Ginger Zingiber officinalisBy Jo Francks, MH This year we celebrate Ginger as herb of the year for 2023 according to the…

Herbs for Fido

Published: Thu, 01/12/23

January 12, 2023 Herbs For FidoBy Olivia Chasteen, MH My family dog has a pretty interesting story, starting with being a wild island dog for the…

Sun Prevents Cancer

Published: Wed, 01/04/23

January 4, 2023 SUN PREVENTS CANCERBy David Christopher, MH I receive so many calls from people suffering from sun-phobia that I had to write this…

Jump Start Cleansing

Published: Wed, 12/28/22

December 28, 2022 Jump Start CleansingBy Tara Christopher Eyre, MH Dr. Christopher recommended cleansing as a way of purifying the body for healing.

Gifts From the Heart

Published: Wed, 12/21/22

December 21, 2022 Gifts From the HeartBy Jo Francks, MH Giving gifts from the heart that you have made yourself and put your love into is fun and…

Kid-e-Col Saves the Day

Published: Thu, 12/15/22

December 15, 2022 Kid-e-Col Saves the DayBy Cassi Carnes, MH I had a particularly young client with digestive issues due to a very premature birth and…


Published: Wed, 12/07/22

December 7, 2022 MYRRH (Commiphora myrrha)By David Christopher, MH Most everyone who is familiar with the Christmas story has heard of myrrh. This is…

Good Herbs

Published: Wed, 11/30/22

November 30, 2022 Good HerbsBy Emily Walton, MH I’m so grateful to know of some of the amazing healing plants that God has placed on this earth for…

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