Inspiring Workplaces: Savoring Customer Service Excellence

Published: Wed, 02/14/24

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Inspiring Workplaces 
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ISSUE 1,008 - Feb. 14, 2024
    Savoring Customer Service Excellence 

Whenever I travel I keep a journal of customer experience stories that I want to share and, when possible, apply to my business. This is a great practice to encourage your employees to do! You could even award prizes for the best business lessons learned while traveling.

On this note, I stumbled upon some stories that I took when I traveled throughout Portugal for three weeks with my wife several years ago. It was a fantastic trip that featured a private guided tour through the Douro wine valley, a mouth-watering food tour through the streets of Lisbon, port tasting on a port in Porto with a portly fellow, and jaw-dropping scenery in the Algarve.

Here are just three of many memorable customer service moments we experienced.  

1. Mullens Restaurant in Lagos did a simple thing that we know from scads of research makes a big impression: Our names were on a paper tent card on our reserved table. Nothing fancy-schmancy, but it made us feel welcome and we didn't have to wait for a host to find our table. Similarly, the gentleman at the car rental agency welcomed me by my name when I entered the office (he Googled me to find out what I looked like). What can you do to make customers feel personally welcomed to your business?

2. A flight attendant on our business class leg from Frankfurt to Porto with Lufthansa Airlines was so outstanding that it prompted the gentleman in the seat ahead of us to ask for his name so he could write a rave letter to his superiors. One thing the attendant did that caught my eye: He asked every person for feedback on their meals, especially on the uneaten portions of their meals. He wanted to ensure that everyone was truly satisfied and he took note of any deficiencies so he could take that feedback back to the airline. Are your employees being proactive when it comes to soliciting specific customer feedback?

3. A shopkeeper in a Porto wine shop, despite the fact he didn't speak a word of English, offered some of the best customer service of the trip, spending 20 minutes advising us on our port purchases without a word of English being spoken. He was able to communicate everything through his wildly expressive facial expressions and animated body language! It was a great reminder of just how important body language is when it comes to creating a positive and memorable customer service experience. Are you and your employees putting your best face forward when it comes to customer service?     

    Mike's Fun at Work Tip
One of my clients holds an Own Your Bad Hair Day every year as a way to encourage healthy conversations around mental health. Employees are encouraged to proudly come to work with their worst possible hairstyles and prizes are awarded to whoever shows off the baddest of the bad hair. 
    Quote of the Week

"Diversity drives innovation. When we limit who can contribute, we limit what problems we can solve." Telle Whitney
    Funny Business
As seen on a sign at a library (and you have to wonder what went down here):
Absolutely NO Saxophones Allowed in Library
Under Any Circumstances
(Under Penalty of Expulsion)

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