Inspiring Workplaces: How to Turn the Best of Intentions Into Habits

Published: Wed, 01/17/24

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Inspiring Workplaces 
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ISSUE 1,004 - Jan. 17, 2024
    How to Turn the Best of Intentions Into Habits

How do your turn the best of intentions into regular habits? Whether it's changes you want your team to embrace, or personal habits you want to sustain, here are some ideas that can help.

Be specific. Some is not a number and soon is not a time.

Focus on the benefits of the goal/habit, not the habit itself.

Do it early in the day. We all have a willpower reservoir that gets depleted as the day wears on.

Create an intention scorecard for yourself or your team, where you review no more than 3 key habits you want to commit to at the start of the day, then review how you did with a simple 1-5 scale rating system or a check mark at the end of the day. 

Go streaking! Okay, you don't have to run around your office naked, in fact I highly discourage that! But leveraging the Duo Lingo (the popular language learning app) effect of turning your desired behaviors into streaks can help by adding a higher-level goal on top of a goal. In other words, it's not just about the goal anymore, it's about maintaining the streak. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld leverages the streak effect by marking a giant X whenever he writes new material on each day of a giant wall calendar. The goal then becomes, according to Seinfeld, to simply not break the chain. And once you've got a base of about two weeks of unbroken X's, it become that much harder to break.

Find someone you trust to be your accountability partner and schedule (it only works if you schedule this!) regular check-ins. You can do this with your entire team as well, where everyone publicly declares one habit they want to commit to, and the entire team holds each other accountable. 

Attach a fun rewards to key milestones. This works great with teams as well! 

Leverage the power of fun bets with willing partners. Five executives at a management consulting company made a public wager that whoever got the fewest number of steps in during a fitness challenge month would have to sing a Celine Dion song in front of all the employees.

    Mike's Fun at Work Tip
A fun way to encourage meetings to end on time is to have everyone (who is able) to stand once you are ten minutes out from your targeted finish time. I promise you this will magically makes things move along at a much speedier rate!
    Quote of the Week

 “There is no pill or bottle or potion or motivational speech or podcast or book that can replace intrinsic motivation.” Andrew Huberman
    Funny Business
As seen on an outdoor sign during last week's plunge into the deep freeze: 


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