Inspiring Workplaces: Turning Recognition Into a Habit

Published: Wed, 01/31/24

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Inspiring Workplaces 
The Way Work Ought to Be!
ISSUE 1,006 - Jan. 31, 2024
     Turning Recognition Into a Habit

To build a culture of recognition you need to turn it into a habit.

A CEO I met years ago started each day with five coins in her left pocket. She made it her goal to sincerely thank and appreciate five different employees every day, so each time she recognized someone she would shift a coin from her left to right pocket.  

Here are a few more ideas to help you turn recognition into a regular habit.
  • Set a goal of writing one handwritten note of appreciation a day. Keep it to just one so you have little excuse not to do it. (Using an online service like Send Out Cards can help simplify the process of mailing out cards to employees working in other locations.) 
  • Hold an appreciation moment at the beginning or end of every meeting
  • Schedule it in your calendar so you make sure it happens! 
  • Commit to recognizing two “unsung heroes” per week
  • Include recognition as one of your daily huddle agenda items
  • Leave a voice mail on an employees’ voicemail message first thing Monday morning so they start the week with a message of appreciation
  • Send out one email or video per week recognizing a different employee each week
  • Have a weekly “play of the week” where you highlight, either in an email or during your Friday sendoff huddle, one outstanding thing an employee did that made a difference
  • Don’t overthink this: A timely text message of appreciation in the moment will do wonders!
    Mike's Fun at Work Tip
One of my clients holds a Monday morning tradition where the managers all arrive slightly before everyone else does and then gives each employee walking into their office a rousing standing ovation. If you can't make this work once a week, then how about once a month? And if it doesn't work for your office for whatever reason, implement a standing ovation rule at your meetings, where, starting with just the first person to arrive, people give everyone a standing ovation as they enter the meeting room. 
    Quote of the Week

 "Laughter is the sound of consensus." Mark Katz, speechwriter
    Funny Business
Yes it's February eve, and just for you, we've added an extra day to the month! The February theme days are on the website, including...

February 2:   Working Naked Day*
February 3:   Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
February 6:   Canadian Maple Syrup Day
February 8:   Laugh and Get Rich Day
February 9:   Read in the Bathtub Day
February 13: Extraterrestrial Visitor Day
February 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day
February 20: Comfy Day
February 23: Curling is Cool Day
February 26: Carpe Diem Day
February 29: Leap Day

*If this isn't the best possible excuse to sell a hybrid workplace model to your boss, I don't know what is!
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