Inspiring Workplaces: Curiosity, Gratitude, Happiness

Published: Wed, 02/07/24

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Inspiring Workplaces 
The Way Work Ought to Be!
ISSUE 1,007 - February 7, 2024
    Curiosity, Gratitude, Happiness

It's time for another lime-infused, fat-free edition of random ideas!
  • Great restaurants coach their servers to ask follow up questions when a customer says the meal was "fine" or "okay," understanding that this might just mean the customer was less than overwhelmed with their dining experience. This is equally applicable to the workplace. When someone says they're "okay" or things are "fine" check their body language and tone and consider there might be more to their superficial answer lurking under the surface.   
  • Research published in Harvard Business Review found that the key to effective leadership boiled down to one word: Curiosity. The research found that curious people tend to have better relationships, and other people are more easily attracted and feel socially closer to individuals who display curiosity. Curious people also generate more ideas and acquire a greater breadth of knowledge. Stay curious my fellow humans! 
  • The next time you are on the receiving end of a customer complaint don't just use it as a learning exercise to change something you do, consider what value was being expressed by that customer and ask yourself whether or not your actions are truly living up to that value?  
  • According to research by Adam Grant and Francesca Gino, when you add the four magic words, "I am very grateful" to an expression of thanks, it makes a tangible difference. In the study, the university fundraisers who received an expression of gratitude from their director using those words made 50% more fundraising calls the following week.
  • A happiness study found that when people spent eight minutes three times over the course of a week reflecting about a happy experience, they experienced an enormous emotional boost that lasted for four weeks!
    Mike's Fun at Work Tip
A Silicon Valley company has a weekly lunch meeting where, to gain admission, everyone must bring along one Dad joke. The jokes get tossed into a bowl and after they're read everyone votes on the funniest joke.  
    Deep Thought of the Week

How is it that "fat chance" and "slim chance" mean exactly the same thing?
    Funny Business
Each year the Ig Nobels recognize contributions to science that made people think and laugh. Yes, this annual event proves that almost anything can be turned into a fun contest, especially if you don't take yourself too seriously.

Here are a few of the winning research papers from 2023:

"Neurocognitive Signatures of Phonemic Sequencing in Professional Backward Speakers" 

"The Quantification and Measurement of Nasal Hairs in a Cadaveric Population"

"Moose Crash Test Dummies" *

“Boredom Begets Boredom: An Experience Sampling Study on the Impact of Teacher Boredom on Student Boredom"

*Also, an awesome band name
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