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Published: Wed, 11/01/17

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Humor at Work ISSUE 702 - Nov. 1, 2017
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      Workplace Ideas to Chew On
  It's another gluten-free, spruce-scented edition of random musings and ideas...
  • A survey by Fast Company magazine reveals that 85% of employees feel their organization needs to do more to encourage a diversity of ideas; 54% believe they work in a creative echo chamber where they aren't hearing outside perspectives or being challenged on their ideas and assumptions.  
  • It's International Stress Awareness Day today. A Japanese study found that chewing gum for 15 minutes is an effective way to lower stress (though perhaps not for the people sitting next to you at work).
  • My favorite satellite office, The Iron Goat Pub and Grill, knows how to make its regulars feel special: They intentionally saved two beer glasses because they knew how much my friend Martin and I enjoyed drinking from these particular glasses regardless of the brand of beer we order. Bars and restaurants often do a great job at recognizing their locals or regulars: What are you doing in your business to make your regular or local customers feel special?  
  • ShowerPoint: A PowerPoint presentation that has waaaaaaaay too much text.
  • If you want to promote teamwork, create the habit in your meetings of having everyone ask the question, "What do you need from me to support you on this project?" 
  • If you're a supervisor, get in the habit of routinely asking your employees, "What do you need to be able to perform your job better?"
    Mike's Fun at Work Tip

A new award to add to your list of fun awards: "The Duct Tape Award" for whoever on your team can seemingly fix anything!
    Quote of the Week

“If an idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” Albert Einstein
    It's a Wacky World
More wacky laws still on the books, this time from Great Britain:
  • MPs can not wear armor in Parliament.
  • It is illegal to be drunk and be in charge of cows.
  • It is illegal to be drunk in a pub.
  • All beached whales and sturgeons must be offered to the Reigning Monarch.
  • It is illegal to handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances.

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Customer Service Tips
A great customer service tip (or two) from one of the Customer Service Leadership Summit speakers, Hall of Fame speaker Jeff Mowatt: The Phrase That Creates More Trust  With Customers


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