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Published: Wed, 08/14/19

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Humor at Work ISSUE 785 - Aug. 14, 2019
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      Completely Complimentary
  Oodles of happiness research suggests that one of the simplest ways to boost our own level of happiness is to compliment other people, which presumably makes the person on the receiving end feel happier as well. Being complimentary also encourages reciprocity - people tend to be more open to returning favors to people who regularly compliment them. And for some of us, there might even be a financial payoff for being more complimentary.

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Robert Cialdini (author of the books Pre-suasion and Influence) speak, where he relayed the following tidbits: 
  • Servers receive, an average, 20% higher tips when they compliment a diner with the phrase, "Good choice." (Now, I would hope that servers are being genuine with their praise when they say that. I'd definitely reward honesty over a canned auto-response any day. Of course, silence can speak volumes too. The other day I was out for dinner and everyone except me got a "good choice" response, which made me second guess my choice!) 
  • Hairstylists who say, "Any hairstyle would look good on you" received, on average, 37% higher tips. (OK, personally, given my hair, I'd REALLY be suspicious if anyone said that to me...but who am I to argue with the research results?)  
Finally, here's a great tip, compliments of Cialdini (see what I did there?): Compliment people on a trait you want them to live up to. This can even help defuse a tense situation. For example, when you preface the delivery of bad news to someone by saying something along the lines of, "You're such a nice, supportive person so I really hate telling you this..."  there's a greater chance the person will be primed to live up to your impression of them and take the news far better!   
    Mike's Fun at Work Tip

An always fun icebreaker question to kick off your meeting with: What's the worst piece of advice someone ever gave you? 
    Quote of the Week

“All painful things eventually turn into funny stories.” Nora Ephron

    It's a Wacky World
I stumbled upon some more weird laws that are still officially on the
  • In Indiana it is illegal to attend a public event or use public transport within 4 hours of eating an onion or garlic
  • In Wyoming you cannot take a photo of a rabbit between January and April without a special permit.
  • In Washington you can be arrested for hassling Bigfoot.
  • In Oak Bay, British Columbia, you can be fined $100 if your parrot talks to loud.

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