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Move over Amazon...

Published: Fri, 11/22/19

Just a quick one, because it's my wife's birthday tomorrow and I've got to step away from the keyboard to finish making arrangements this afternoon.

Haters gonna hate

Published: Wed, 09/18/19

Some uncomfortable truths: You can't please all the people, all the time Unhappy clients are more motivated to be heard than happy ones A negative…

105 seconds of breathtaking pleasure

Published: Thu, 08/01/19

This is Feni at Toverland in the Netherlands. It only opened 3 weeks ago, and it's in one of Europe's smaller, newer theme parks... so it wasn't…

Disney’s inspiration

Published: Tue, 07/30/19

Hope your summer is going well, and you’re been enjoying the e ceptionally warm weather. I’ve been touring some European theme parks with the family,…

Quick message before... pizza night!

Published: Fri, 07/12/19

I've just found some coupons and put the pizza order in at our local delivery chain, and my kids are now waiting an iously by the front door for it to…

The day Facebook broke

Published: Wed, 07/10/19

A week ago today, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram "broke". All over the world, people's feeds were full of blank pictures. Photo and video sharing on…

Which would you choose?

Published: Mon, 07/08/19

Today, I want to try a quick e periment... And I'll share the results with everyone who joins in. For this e periment, I've picked two products from…

The results are in

Published: Fri, 07/05/19

Happy Friday - hope your week has been great so far! I've been reading the latest consumer survey from BrightLocal this week. It's an annual survey of…

Game of Phones

Published: Thu, 06/27/19

Keeping the phone ringing is a constant concern for us all - but two years ago, it was especially so for Hypnotension member, Karen Martin. She had…

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