Reasons for hope

Published: Fri, 12/24/21

We have been staying in Norfolk for a few days before Christmas. A family funeral and a chance for Iduna to spend time with her grand parents. To the North of the village there is a ridge with a mixed woodland which I walked through yesterday afternoon. The clouds were heavy and the air was damp. The deciduous trees are all deep in their winter sleep while the pines and holly keep watch. I spent some time connecting with mother Birch reminding me of the grief and compassion of Frigg. The elegant pines connect me with the strength and resilience of Vidar. A massive and ancient oak reassures me that life should be measured in centuries and not by the daily panic of the latest headlines. The holly bushes are small and puny compared to the oak and the beeches which dominate the wood. Yet their tough stems and spiny winter leaves are the sign that Jord is ready and waiting to bring an abundant harvest just as soon as the sun
returns. For me, even that sleeping woodland is a powerhouse of Megin energy, the force of life itself of which we are all a part if we can just remember and seek it out.

I had a period of feeling massively disappointed with many things and with many people. Now I feel, more than that, convinced on a very deep level that God is in charge and has never forsaken his creation and never will. I have had a couple of sessions of prayer in the empty church here in Norfolk this week. Well, empty that is apart from my daughter, me, and a sense of God’s presence and that suited us just fine. I really do not want to write about anything that has disappointed me because what does not come up to scratch really doesn’t matter when all the divine inspiration I need can come from a holly bush. All the reassurance I need that the universe is in good hands from the huge and deeply rooted oak, ash, and beech trees. Please don’t try and put labels on me, fitting into religious boxes really does not work any more, and never really did where I am concerned.

Where does the Stav come in? A great gift for connecting with the earth mother, the sky father and becoming a connection between the two. Knowing the runes gives me the ability to simplify my thinking and see the most basic principles at work. Great learning is contained and remembered in the combination of a few symbols. The gods and goddesses? Guides and friends who have my back come what may.

The story of the Tower of Babel is found at the start of the Bible in the book of Genesis, chapter 11. After the flood the descendants of Noah have repopulated the earth. All people have one language and a common speech. On the plain in Shinar it is decided to build a a city with a great tower to reach heaven. God comes down to earth to see what is being built. God gets concerned that if people can cooperate to this extent then nothing will be impossible for them. So, God decides to confuse mankind’s language so that they can no longer understand each other. Then all the people were scattered all over the earth and all the different communities, cultures, and languages developed.

On one level the Tower of Babel story is a mythic explanation for the many different languages and cultures which are found across our globe. The story is also about the power of language to build a tower with which to control all thought, knowledge, government, and wealth. The narrative of the ‘pandemic’ seeks to get all 7 billion people in the world injected with the same ‘vaccine’ which is really an artificial gene therapy. The exact purpose is still not clear, but just getting almost all of a global population to submit to the same rite of having a needle pierce their skin, even if all that is injected is water, would still be a remarkable act of control. A control which has largely been achieved in many western countries through a shared narrative.

So, have the fabulously wealthy few achieved the total control of the people of the world? Not quite, not so long as there are those who can use words such as freedom, and sovereignty, and even just the words ‘informed consent’. Perhaps the biggest act of resistance has been the refusal to use the ‘V’ word and instead refer to jabs. By speaking words that do not conform with the tower building narrative a choice of terminology is created. With the making of a choice comes the realisation that there is actually more than one path that could be taken. Of course it is easier to carry on in the direction which seems familiar and comfortable, and most will do so. Yet, the awareness of an alternative gives the soul a voice. From deep down can come the question. ‘What if we did take the path of health, freedom, and love? Why are you submitting to masks, restrictions and jabs out of fear, ignorance, and collusion?’ As the language of
love and freedom starts to drown out the narrative of fear and submission the tower crumbles and we find our way home to where we really belong as individuals, communities, and cultures. We are not helpless, we have the power of language, speak wisely and clearly and we have the weapon of freedom. All you need then is the courage to use it.

Of course there is nothing new about any of this. Christmas is the story of a baby born to bring a new language into the world. A language of a Kingdom of God that does not build towers of law and conformity but sets those who are willing to listen free to explore the love of God and love their neighbour as we would like to be loved ourselves. In a sense the story has a tragic ending. The baby grows up to be Jesus whose message has transformed those who have listened. Yet, the most advanced religion and the most advanced judicial system of the time, under the Jewish high priest and the Roman governor managed to collaborate to crucify that child.

As John 1 v 5 puts it; ‘The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.’ If you do understand that light then be the light and lets banish the darkness from this world.

Happy Christmas


PS A carol, old fashioned and sentimental but this one has moved me since I was a child and still does

PPS This may seem a little over optimistic right now but perhaps some optimism is just what we need