So, who is on the side of the angels?

Published: Wed, 03/09/22

I have been over thinking about writing about what is going on in the Ukraine. There is so much information coming thick and fast it is hard to say anything original or helpful. I am not at all sure that replacing Covid propaganda, lock downs, and massive pressure to take fake vaccines with the very real threat of nuclear war is actually much of an improvement. The four horsemen of the apocalypse, seem to be coming through in rapid succession, pestilence, war, and since Russia is a massive exporter of fertilisers and grain, and yet is being massively sanctioned, famine will be paying a visit pretty soon too. And death? Lets not even go there just for the moment.

There has been a lot of very sound analysis of the circumstances which have led to the present sorry state of affairs and I will provide some links below.

I have described before how, in the mid 1990s, I had the opportunity to get to know a Russian lady of about the same age as me. When we discussed our respective upbringings we realised that we had both been fed exactly the same story regarding those barbarians on the other side of the iron curtain. Propaganda and narrative management has been going on for a long time and someone is really stepping on the gas right now.

The only suggestion I feel inclined to make at the present time is that we need to be asking ourselves one very important question. Are we actually the good guys? (By ‘we’ I mean those of us who live in NATO aligned Western countries, which are ‘standing with the brave people of Ukraine’ and have been arming and encouraging the Ukrainian government to bait the Russian bear)? Are we really on the side of the angels in this divided and increasingly unstable world?

It is easy, almost comforting to demonise Putin as a mad dictator who hates the democratic freedoms of the poor innocent Ukrainians so much that he is willing to invade and destroy their country. Putin is another Hitler of course. The BBC and the rest of Western media and governments are certainly taking this line and most people seem to be falling for it. I expect we will soon be polishing up our tin helmets, packing up our troubles in our old kit bags, and marching off to defend dear old Blighty while whistling ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’.

Or maybe there is a bigger picture we should be seeing and, as I discovered over a quarter of a century ago from my Russian friend, Russia has a stake in what happens on its own borders.

So, which is it to be? A good hard look at ourselves and some really serious dialogue with Russia? Or carrying on with a deadly fantasy of Western ‘virtue’ and Russian ‘aggression’ which can only end very badly. For the sake of future generations, in both East and West, lets wake up now, before it is too late.



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