Living too long?

Published: Tue, 10/04/22

How long is long enough? The Queen recently died at 96. A couple of weeks before the royal death I went to the funeral of my wife’s grandfather who died at a similar age. His wife had died a few months before and he was frail to the point of being helpless. My mother died at 93 on New Year’s day 2020, she had been suffering from dementia for some time and no one felt that her death was anything other than a welcome release. In each case the funeral celebrated a long life well lived. Along with the mourning was a sense of relief that the inevitable had now released each of them from the trials of extreme old age and we were free from witnessing further decline. Death is supposed to be a tragedy, and yet if we are exhausted with life, the final breath will be a moment of blessed liberation.
For most of human history average life expectancy was not much more than half what it is now in Western countries. Perhaps the prospect of dying quite young did prompt the celebration of each new day and gratitude for the simple pleasures of life. Add another three or four decades of life and existence may well become tedious rather than precious.
Can a whole culture simply live too long and actually begin to welcome its collective demise? If an individual can become exhausted with life to the point where the grim reaper is a welcome guest then why not whole nations? Revelation, the last book of the bible, talks of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as signs that the old order has run its course. Their names? Pestilence, war, famine, and following close behind them, death.
Pestilence and disease has been very much on our minds recently although I am still not clear if Covid 19 was real, or if the ‘pandemic’ was a completely fake event for the purpose of social engineering and distributing a very lucrative ‘vaccinations programme’. You can easily make the case that there never was any new disease at all. Covid was just announced and every regular disease and natural death by old age became the fulfillment of the belief that there was a new and deadly illness. Either way the recovery rate from Covid 19 was agreed to be around 99.7% which means the death rate was functionally zero. Deaths were within 28 days of a positive test even though you could test positive and negative on the same day with no actual symptoms. And yet over 70% of the population went out and took an experimental injection, in some cases over four times. I suppose some people believed that they were getting some kind of
protection. However, it seems to me that most just accepted their jabs because everyone else was doing it.
In February this year NATO persuaded the Ukrainians to provoke a proxy war with nuclear armed Russia. A conflict that had been prepared for since the CIA backed coup in 2014. I am not sure what NATO though was going to happen when Russia inevitably reacted to mass murder of Russian speakers in the Donbass, but the Kremlin has largely accomplished the goals of its ‘Limited Military Operation’. The referendums in the four liberated territories and the formal annexation which took place today effectively concludes the operation. Why would the people of the Donbas vote to join the Russian Federation? Mainly because they are fed up with being murdered by Ukrainian Nazis for the past 8 years. It doesn’t really matter that you don’t know or believe that such atrocities have been happening. The victims knew what was happening and so did the Kremlin.
The western governments, media, and puppet regime in Kiev can protest all they like, but the border of the Russian Federation has just moved West by hundreds of miles. The Kremlin has repeatedly reminded the West that the MAD principle of nuclear mutually assured destruction is still very much in place. Therefore attacks on Russian Federation territory would have serious consequences. Not so much a threat as a statement of fact. Unfortunately the same people who voted to become part of the RF may now find themselves forcibly jabbed by their ‘liberators’ as Russia is deeply immersed in the Covid hoax. Rocks and hard places come to mind.
Few people in the West have any direct experience of famine in the sense of no food. However, civilisation as we have known it has involved two fundamental factors. One is the extraction, processing, distribution, and efficient use of energy sources. Mankind has been using fire for many thousands of years. But the industrial use of what we call fossil fuels, beginning with coal only dates back about 250 years. As coal was mined and put to use the industrial revolution in food production, manufacturing, transport, building, and much else took place. Coal is formed from forests fossilised over millions of years. Coal is also hard to extract, hard to process, difficult to transport, and polluting to burn, and leaves a lot of waste. Yet coal powered railways and steam ships, smelted steel, generated electricity, produced town gas, and heated homes for many decades. More recently has come the exploitation of oil and gas. Oil
enabled road and air transport by proving petrol and diesel to feed the internal combustion engine. With oil comes natural gas which heats homes, generates electricity, powers industry and enables the production of fertilisers. There is an interesting mystery as to where oil and gas actually originate which I will elaborate on another time. However, it does seem that the earth will provide humanity with the gift of oil and gas indefinitely and it is misleading to use the term ‘’fossil fuel’ when describing these hydrocarbon fuels.
Thanks to the ingenious use of abundant energy sources the past 150 years have been a time of plenty and comfort. However, along with material wealth have grown up the corporations and banks. These massive institutions may have begun with providing a valuable service to humanity, but over time they have taken on a life of their own and developed an insatiable appetite for profit at any cost.
When ordinary people have their essential needs met peace, prosperity, and harmonious cooperation will follow. A harmonious society will also work towards efficiency, concern for the environment, and strive for general health and well being. However, health, harmony, and happiness as not nearly as profitable as disease, war, and famine. Covid 19 brought billions in profits directly to the pharmaceutical companies while businesses such as Amazon and Netflix profited too. NATO has supplied billions of dollars worth of military hardware to Ukraine in the past year, all of which will be profitably replaced by the arms manufacturers. A deliberately created famine in energy means that we are suddenly paying far more for fuel, electricity, gas, and these costs are rapidly leading to shortages of food and other essential commodities. The sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines is just the latest, most serious, and most difficult to reverse
example of this evil process.
I could go on, but you either get my point or you stopped reading way back. Unfortunately democracy is no solution. All possible candidates for government are equally committed to the enrichment of the corporations at the expense of civilisation as we know it.
Is there a solution? As far as I can see the only release for a society in thrall to rapacious corporations is death. Death is the great release when life has lost it’s purpose. A society which is prepared to manufacture war, pestilence, famine, and cause the deaths of innocent people has certainly lost its purpose. Death comes in many forms and we can die in various ways too. We can die to hope of anything better. Or, we can pass through the death of our illusions and second hand beliefs. Once we are free of illusion and take responsibilty for what we believe based on truth, reality, and rationality, we can start to live again. Those who are genuinely free and conscious can then rebuild civilisation.
So, take responsibility for what you believe and be ready to act on those beliefs. Taking responsibility for beliefs means making a real effort to discover the truth and actually thinking for yourself. A good start is to examine how you reacted to the content of this post. I don’t really care if you agree with me or not, you just need to understand why you responded the way you did. With self-analysis comes awareness, with awareness comes a raising of consciousness, through consciousness comes genuine freedom. In never said it would be easy, but without genuine consciousness we are finished.
PS Getting back into nature and just reconnecting with the real world is the most life affirming thing we can do. At the 2023 Stav Camp we will do our best to reconnect you with reality. With the sky father overhead, the earth mother beneath our feet, and our genuine aspirations to be fully human to guide us we will see what practice, principles, and community can do to restore our love of life. North Lincolnshire, first weekend of July 2023 Link here
If you don’t want to wait until next July, or you would like to visit the site beforehand, there will be a Samhain (Halloween) camp at Silver Wood on the 29th and 30th of October which will be fun and a chance to do some Stav training as well as other activities. I can link you on Facebook or give you the details if you are interested.
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