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Published: Thu, 08/03/23

Here I am, in a field in Gloucestershire, helping to set up the Spirit of Awen camp which starts properly on Friday. Venetia and Iduna should be joining me on Sunday evening, or Monday morning. I am writing this post on my laptop in the back of my van, the leisure battery and inverter are providing enough 240v current to charge the laptop battery, and I can connect online for the upload by USB tethering to my smart phone. So, if you are reading this, that is what was involved in getting the post online.
It was not all that easy getting to this point either. The Friday before last my van broke it’s propshaft and had to be recovered home from Hull by the RAC. Luckily I had a spare propshaft in the garage and was able to fit it last Monday. I needed the vehicle working as I was scheduled to be at Druid camp last week. The venue for this year as right down in the South west of Wales, about 10 miles inland from the coastal town of Cardigan. The camp started last Wednesday afternoon, but for various reasons I could not make it until Friday. I left Beverley just after 0400 hrs with my satnav telling me that I would have 275 miles to go and that I might arrive at 1010hrs. I arrived at 1025hrs and was able to announce my presence at the morning meeting.
I had arrived At Chester, about 200 miles into the journey after about three hours. At that point the satnav predicted that I had about 75 miles to go and that it was going to take me another three hours, yes the roads in mid Wales really are that slow. I set up camp high on the hillside from which I could practice Welsh weather forecasting using the hill top across the valley. When I could see the summit I knew it was going to rain. When I could not see it it was raining. It seems that I was lucky not to have arrived for the start of the camp on the Wednesday as the rain had been relentless and the site had still not dried out when I arrived.
I did a Stav session on the Saturday morning which had ten people attending and went down very well. Only one came back for the Sunday morning but quite a few people had left by the Saturday night, exhausted by the wet and discouraged by the endless mud. I was also scheduled to do a workshop on the Sunday morning, which was not well attended. The Sunday morning is never a good time to offer anything at a camp as too many people have either already gone home or are desperately packing up. It was still nice to catch up with old friends, meet some new ones, and the organisers told me how much they appreciated my presence, I think there had been problems attracting facilitators, partly because the event was announced at quite short notice, and a lot of people balked at the idea of traveling so far into darkest Wales, I was only prepared to go that far because I was able to come straight to this camp rather than driving all the way
back to Beverley in between,
So, what next? Another day setting up today, then people start arriving for the camp on Friday. I have volunteered to help with marshaling vehicles, which might be quite an issue if the site has not dried out by then. If drivers are not managed quite carefully an awful lot of them will get stuck in the mud.
Then the camp gets started properly. I will be quite busy. Morning exercise and gentle self-defence training sessions based on Stav, and including the runic stances. I will make myself available for rune readings for four people each day. I find that this camp is a good environment for such activities. And probably three talks/workshops. At the moment I am thinking of doing one on practical bushcraft, including how to actually get a fire lit in the real world. A second one on runic stances, with an emphasis on the health benefits and connecting with the vital energy which constantly circulates between heaven and earth. The third one will probably explore the significance of the demographic changes which have occurred in the past 200 years and are certainly affecting us now.
I will also have to cope with Iduna who should be joining me with her mother over the weekend. Hopefully this will turn out to be something of a family holiday as well. I will do my best to keep you posted as the week goes on.
P S For the past 20 years I have been telling people that the stances are best done in bare feet on grass or other natural surfaces. Through the bare soles of the feet you will make the best connection with the (negatively charged) earth mother while drawing down the Megin energy from the (positively charged) sky father. Then this turns up in an alternative news feed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcHEWH8Eh0Q
Graham Butcher
21 Beaver Road
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