Stuck in the mud

Published: Mon, 08/07/23

Started this post on Sunday morning here in sunny Gloucestershire, and it is indeed sunny, with just the hint of a gentle breeze. Quite a change from Saturday when I awoke at about 0500hrs to the sound of rain beating on the flysheet along with the noise of tarps flapping in the wind. Then it rained pretty much all day until tea time and the evening was mainly dry but very cold, I am not sure the temperature got above 60 degrees Fahrenheit all day.
I spent all day on Friday guiding arrivals into the site. The entrance track had been repaired with pieces of wood (sections of an old pontoon I believe which was liberated from a nearby marina). The right side of the track (coming into the site) had become quite solid, but the left side was very unstable. I worked out that if we could get people to drive down the track with the left side wheels in the centre of the row of planks then, not only would they get through without getting stuck in the mud (only 2 people did and they were easily pushed back onto the right tracks) but the weight of each vehicle would tamp the boards into the wood and actually create a solid road. Pretty much everyone I guided through at least attempted to do as I told them (I was wearing my magic yellow vest which endows the wearer with a strange aura of authority on a camp site, a bit like putting on a white coat and hanging a stethoscope around your neck
in a hospital.)
Monday morning now, second sunny day, track has more or less dried out now and we should be okay from now on. We went and collected another load of wood chippings yesterday and were able to cover over the pedestrian tracks which were still muddy. I went with Ed who drove his van and told me about working security at Glastonbury. Eight miles of 8 foot high steel wall surround the site. A heavily manned entrance checkpoint, a special ‘ejection point’ for expelling miscreants who have been caught with drugs etc. Traders take cash to smuggle people into their site hidden in vans and boots of cars. If you ever wanted to know what getting out of Communist East Germany might have been like, try getting into the Glastonbury Festival without a ticket and you might be close.
Monday evening, weather keeps improving and it has really been quite pleasant this afternoon. I have done four rune readings this afternoon and before that I was sorting out a large puddle which had effectively become a small pond further up the track. Vehicles can just drive around it but we were wondering why it would not drain away. When I looked closely I realised that some of the wood which had been put in there to drive over was creating a dam where the water would otherwise have soaked away. I have moved the wook, cut a small trench and in a few minutes I will go and see what state the mud is in now.
What else? just waiting for Venetia and Iduna to arrive so that we can enjoy the rest of the camp as a family. There are quite a few other children around who should get on well with my daughter. There is an open mic session this evening, so, if they get here in time Iduna and I might tell her favourite story, the tale of Theseus and the Minotaur.
Will keep you posted.
PS I have a new booklet ready. A simple reference guide to the runes, I will get a purchase link up on the website in the next few days.
Graham Butcher
21 Beaver Road
Beverley East Yorkshire HU17 0QN

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